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Comment Re:CAFE Kills (Score 1) 1184

NHTSA said back in the eighties* that smaller cars are safer b/c they are less likely to hit something or be hit b/c of their size. It makes sense that when you are hit, it's a greater catastrophe but you'd be hit less often.


*I had a Toyota Corolla, a very small car then, now have a Prius. It consistenly gets 45 mpg or better and is a mid size car.

Comment Re:T-Mobile Pay as you go (Score 0) 294

I live in Kentucky and am happy with T-Mobile also. I bought a prepaid Motorola phone.When you buy $100 in minutes, the 1000 minutes last for one year or until used up. Phone calls are ten cents per minute and texting is ten cents per text. I got tired of the Motorola flip phone and bought a unlocked Nexus S from Amazon for $404. The phone I got was an ATT model GT-I9020A but since I don't have a data plan, it doesn't matter. But for T-Mo I could have gotten a GT-I9020T. All I really need is a GSM phone. I plugged in the sim from the Motorola and the Nexus worked like a charm. I have wifi at home and a lot of place I frequent have it also, so I almost always have the internet available. If you buy a smartphone from T-Mo, they will insist on a data plan.

ATT has a similar prepaid plan but texting on that is $.20 per text. I text infrequently, so the cost is not really important.

I am happy with the Nexus S but other phones would do as well.

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