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Comment I hacked the first Doom online gaming service... (Score 1) 351

... allegedly. In the late 90s I received a cease-and-desist letter from a law firm representing DWANGO, the BBS-like gaming service which allowed 4-player Doom/Heretic games over a regular modem connection.
Apparently, I allegedly wrote a DOS TSR (Terminate&Stay Resident) program which behaved similarly to AOHELL (America Online fake account creator), only under DOS. It changed the hard drive serial number, which DWANGO used to prevent you from re-registering for a free trial account, and then it called up the DWANGO login windows and typed everything in for you, as a random person with a believable name, address, and a usually valid phone number.
Of course this is entirely hearsay because I can neither confirm nor deny writing such a program, but if I did, I sure would've gotten a kick out of it.

Comment Free Pascal is awesome. (Score 5, Interesting) 134

I wrote a DOS game in 1996 in Turbo Pascal which used $B800:0000 textmode space to display the action. Thanks to Free Pascal I successfully ported it to Windows... of course minus the literal memory addressing and such.
Free Pascal is amazing at how it "just works" with legacy Turbo Pascal syntax where Delphi would present more trouble. Lazarus, the Free Pascal IDE, is also very resemblant of Turbo Pascal IDE, with some modern touches.
Pascal is an underrated language. It may have been designed for education, but it has many advanced features, the executables are nearly as fast as C++ ones, it compiles fast, and the runtime diagnostics are detailed and specific. It "just works".

Comment Re:Nope. (Score 1) 608

I heard the actual exchange, and it is obvious he didn't explicitly confirm the trap question. He was talking about the larger idea of security and building his wall. The question is, did YOU hear the actual exchange, or are you being purposely obtuse. Come to think of it, the answer is, actually, irrelevant.

Comment Trump didn't say that. (Score 1) 608

The exchange was a trap by the reporter, after Trump just finished a long speech and was obviously tired. And even then, from the context it is obvious that Trump shifted his response to the Trump Wall, and he was talking mainly about that.

At no point did Trump actually say "yes we need Muslim database". As for "free interpretations", well, there are a thousand databases on EVERYONE already, including suspected terrorists.
In short, the press set up Trump. And everyone including Slashdot, fell for it. The result will only be increased support for Trump, because we the people see through the media's attempts to smear him. The circus is over.

Comment Re:the original intent (Score 1) 272

The recent shrink of middle class is created by the Obama administration, which absolutely hates the middle class. Obamacare is a wealth redistribution system disquised as a common good. Just like any previous historical attempts to distribute wealth, it suffers from a fatal flaw - the takers have no limit on how much they take, so it will bleed the middle class dry.
But thanks for your disjointed attempt at gaslighting, Mr. Lenin.

Comment Avira is a PUP itself. (Score 4, Insightful) 64

It aces artificial AV tests in performance, because by default, it only scans files by extension, which is a huge security risk. The free version makes annoying advertisement pop-ups. And in my experience it popped out vaguely threatening messages about a vague virus which neither Combofix nor MBAM nor a couple of other AV products could find.

In my experience, all free AV programs are highly suspect in their behavior, by their nature and goal. They're full of upsells, they will passive-aggressively threaten you, they will try and install PUPs themselves... etc.

Comment Re:Modern Fallouts suck ass (Score 3, Interesting) 229

It is insightful because it's 100% true. If you look at Fallout 1/2 walkthroughs, you will see the kind of non-linearity, environmental scripting depth and general feeling of freedom that no modern game provides. Fallout 3 especially was a complete corridor compared to this. In programming and design alone, the first two games are still better than ANYTHING out there. There's a CHASM of difference between "walk anywhere you want" and freedom of player agency. In a walking simulator, you'll still have to go through a series of linear mission checkpoint with no alternate choices.

As for witnessing your own birth, it's just a cutscene, and one you have to do EVERY TIME instead of just having a simple character creation screen.

Also, what is the point of "experiencing the world", if Fallout 3's writing was the worst I've ever seen in a game written by supposedly English speakers? Really, the entire gameworld was designed and written by people who's only ever written code. The NPCs are lifeless tusks with no point to their existence, none of them ever talk like real people, nothing makes sense!

Fallout 3 was so dumb, in the end you have an NPC who is resistant to radiation, and he makes YOU go into the radiation chamber. He refuses to go himself, why? Because, "it's your path and yours alone". Wait, what?

And what about the horrible UI? Loading screens upon entering every hut? Terrible combat with unbalanced VATS system? "SPECIAL" being just numbers on the screen which barely have any effect on anything in the environment, VASTLY unlike the original two games?

Moira gets exploded by a nuclear blast, instantly becomes a ghoul, and then asks you to "Not do it again, okay?" Cars filled with fuel 200 years after the war? Oversimplified, cartoonish take on the factions from the originals?

If you look at any documented Let's Play thread of Fallout 3, and you have read at least 3 books in your life, your brain will start leaking out of your ears. It is inevitable.

At least New Vegas tried to follow canon and have an actual world, and it had a ton more content, a ton more choice&consequence, SPECIAL was actually checked frequently on various occasions. Some NPCs actually behaved vaguely human! In all ways it was a far superior product.

Comment Re:I just switched. Not going back. (Score 1) 241

Early adopters have been singing this same tune since Windows 95 at least. It's NEVER been true. Each version of Windows is more bloated than the one before it. It's part of their development strategy.

The impression of new OS being snappier is always created by comparing the previous OS's well-worn install to the new OS's fresh, bare install, in other words, placebo effect and wishful thinking. ALWAYS.

Comment It failed because of UI. (Score 3, Insightful) 359

Seriously, it was, and is, far more confusing and disorienting than Facebook ever was. It looked like a steep learning curve, to guess exactly what the privacy settings are, what "adding to circle" REALLY means, who sees WHAT, etc.

Too few explanations, too many "helpful" abstractions. Not enough intuitive responses... i.e. places you'd expect to be (redundantly but helpfully) clickable, aren't...

When it rolled out it looked like an alpha. I'm amazed that they fixed nothing since then.

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