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Comment Re:Troll? (Score 1) 410

Did I attempt to tell any lies in the original post? Note that I'm looking for these features in the mainstream desktop environments. On the surface you cannot find them, or I'm blind. My own FVWM setup is way beyond what comes with multiple monitor support in Windows 7 by default or with add-on tools, so of course I know it can be done, and I even state that in the original post.

Comment Re:Multiple Screens / *one* Pager (Score 1) 410

Enlightenment is another WM that supports virtual desktop per display even if using xinerama. Awesome and Xmonad do as well, but not sure if any of these meet your pager requirements. I've done this with FVWM but it screws the pager up. I use hidden desktops and reshuffling of windows around on virtual desktops to get the affect. If you can keep things straight in your head and don't need a pager it works well, but the minute you pull up a pager, its representation is not inline with whats in your head.

Comment Thanks for the responses. (Score 1) 410

Thanks for all the truly retarded responses, it was very enlightening. If you are still dragging windows from screen to screen, or using keyboard shortcuts to "grab" the window the move it incrementally over to the other screen then you are living in the dark ages of multi-screen. I guess I can look into tiling window managers or stick with my FVWM, where with 3 monitors and hot keys I can:

- swap the contents of 2 arbitrary screens
- shift the contents of screens to the right or left (rotates around)
- move the currently focused window to another screen with just a keystroke where it ends up on another screen in the same screen-relative geometry and warps the mouse over
- move the current window into the center of my middle display with keyboard shortcuts then have it pop back to its original location

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Taking control of multiple screens.

shift writes: I've used multiple monitors for years (currently 3) and find that Linux is lacking in power tools for such setups. Even Windows 7 has added the feature to move a window from screen to screen with keyboard shortcuts. Are any of the major desktop environments adding such features? I'm still stuck on FVWM and have define functions to swap the contents of screens as well as move windows from screen to screen and so on. But this just seems like such basic functionality people would want in multi-screen setups that I'm surprised I don't find any of these features in our latest desktop environments!

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