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Comment Re:and it's thwarted with...... (Score 1) 384

If that's how much home, badly serviced connections cost, guess how much work connections with uptime guarantees cost.

I have 10 times as much allowance at home as I do at work, and the work connection is shared between 10 people.

A few months ago someone accidentally downloaded 2 Gb of podcasts. It cost us $100.

Comment Re:He misses one HUGE assumption (Score 1) 482

The electric bill each month confirms that I'm just not using as much as I once did

That could well be true in your particular case. However it's not typical:

Generally the more efficient something becomes, the more people use it, and often end up using more than they would have had it not become more efficient. Something like that anyway.

Comment Re:He misses one HUGE assumption (Score 1) 482

Yes he is, and that's quite a different assumption from assuming that once all the whales die we won't be able to light our homes.

One is an engineering problem, the other a physical limitation.

People are very good at overcoming engineering problems. Overcoming physical limitations not so much. (Unfortunately).

Comment Re:no offline play = no sale (Score 1) 384

Strictly speaking I mean neither. The offline community regularly traded items and had various 'events' where people used their own characters in their own single player games. People very much cared if you cheated, and most new players were treated with caution until they'd 'done their time' and people believed them to be trustworthy. I have no doubt that people did sometimes cheat (they were occasionally caught out), but on the whole it was a trustworthy environment.

Comment Re:no offline play = no sale (Score 1) 384

The funny thing is that most people I know who played offline did so to get away from the cheaters. Even though it was exponentially easier to cheat offline, there was a moral agreement not to do so, and there was quite a community that grew up around offline social play.

I don't suppose you frequent the spf? I haven't visited there for years, but I went by the same username.

Comment Re:Global Warming Denial (Score 1) 507

The graph I was referring to was about the absorption spectrum of different molecules and the spectrum of sunlight. That's all quite well established.

I confess I haven't read the entire page, I just skimmed Google for the spectrum data. My only position on global warming is "woosh" - as in it's all much more complicated than I can understand.

Comment Re:Global Warming Denial (Score 1) 507

OK I read into this a bit more. What I said was correct in concept, however I got the spectrums a bit wrong.

So substitute 'the lower end of the infrared spectrum' for the first infrared and 'the higher end of the infrared spectrum' for the second infrared.

The second to bottom graph on this page explains it graphically.

Comment Re:Global Warming Denial (Score 2) 507

Energy from sun is not in the infrared so CO2 has no effect. However energy radiated from the Earth is in the infrared, so it interacts with CO2. As a consequence, some of it is radiated out to space, but some of it is radiated back to earth, when previously all of it would have radiated out to space.

That's how I understand it from school physics anyway.

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