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Comment Immunity (Score 3, Insightful) 179

It is my limited understanding that the offspring gets part of their basic immune system from the mother while in utero. I didn't see any mention of where these lambs got theirs, if they have any.

If they're going to spend their brief lives in a steel box before being prepped for someone else's dinner, I guess an immune system doesn't matter that much.

Comment Re:Coolness (Score 5, Informative) 237

I'm a little less jazzed to find that it installs Bonjour, without telling you, and it doesn't provide a visible uninstall option unless you do some research and learn that there's a command line uninstall. My system's performance dropped sharply and only recovered once i'd managed to pry Bonjour out of it.

Comment Re:Prayers don't work (Score 0) 90

it works for some people. it never worked for me. i always felt like i was in an IRC channel by myself, and i had to keep chatting and getting no reponses until the surly priest supervising us was satisfied.

isn't there a clinical medical diagnosis for people who talk to imaginary voices, and who hear a response?

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