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Comment dealing with the human element (Score 4, Funny) 328

have you ever seen any of those hilarious blogs by artists and graphic designers who undertake commissions from people ignorant of, well, it seems ignorant of everything? the sort of people who ask you to take a full color photo of the finished work and fax it to them and then complain that they can't load it into microsoft word? "No, that blue is the wrong blue, we wanted a different blue. I don't know! A different blue to that one!"

automated software production? this. times a million.

Comment Re:Read between the lines (Score 1) 135

Until we develop an AI that can read between the lines honestly good luck with that

I don't think most people can even read between the lines, and especially men when it comes to women.

and this is how AI will overtake humanity effortlessly.

and i for one welcome our date-matching AI overlords. they could bring about the end of the world simply by matching the wrong people.

Comment Low-mid-end redundancy (Score 2) 369

2012: Australian Bureau of Statistics Census. Nine months of scanning pages and coaxing the OCR software to interpret illegible scribbles. Over nine hundred people employed.

2016: Census was done online; no scanning, no interpreting cursive Greek; straight into the database. I don't know how many people they employed, but I suspect it was less than nine hundred. Good for them! They saved the Commonwealth some money.

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