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Comment Um. Not really (Score 0) 478

The summary is full of misinformation. The reason wind and solar look cheaper is that they are subsidized by government tax credits. If you took those away they wouldn't even stand up on their own. And it's not just residential either. There are whole businesses built around creating these "green" projects with government money, the government pays them whether they generate or not, and the utilities have to buy the power from them at the market rate. So as a tax payer you're totally getting the shaft. You're paying for it in taxes and you're paying for it in ever increasing utility bills. Let's face it the utility doesn't absorb that cost, they pass it on.

Comment Re: I work for a medical billing software... (Score 0) 186

This is simply inaccurate from a factual perspective. It takes no more time to stand up a Linux server than it does a Windows server. Both have exploits. Both are more insecure if not properly configured. The struggle I face in my organization is we want a company behind the software. It's management perception. For some reason they think because Microsoft is a company if something bad happens they can point back at Microsoft and say "hey, it's not our fault we took the defacto standard and got burned." Whereas if we use Linux it's "what dumbass manager approved that". It's not about one being better than the other. It's all corporate culture.

Comment Re:Professional journalists? (Score 0) 190

What's really humorous is that dispelling that bit of nonsense is only a google search away. The statistics show it's been getting progressively worse for years. Ironically coinciding with increasing gun control laws (not saying that's the only factor, just pointing out the irony). They were talking about how bad it was before Trump even took office. Yet how many people who watch CNN bother with that?

Comment Re:Nothing could go wrong here (Score 1) 190

That was my thought as well. This brought to you by the same guy who thinks a valid encyclopedia is one that can be edited by anyone and yet remain factually accurate. And I think far more dangerous than fake news is biased news which is made up of actual facts, but leaves out key details to create a specific perception that is not representative of reality. Fake news is pretty easy to spot. Millions are duped by biased news every day.

Comment Cleansing of the unnecessary (Score 0) 287

I'm not sure why the elite would keep the average worker bee around once they cease to be useful. Just a drain on their beautiful utopia. They will find some way of getting rid of us whether it's war, infighting, starvation, exposure to pollution, etc. There are lots of ways.

Comment Re:or stop hiding... (Score 0) 377

The two are really apples and oranges though. Anti-piracy language has been written into trade agreements for some time now. Violation of which could adversely affect trade with that country. They really don't have a lot of motivation to extradite him other than now he seems to be making problems for them. Sweeden is a sovereign nation they don't just do the bidding of the US unless it benefits them in some way.

Comment Re:National security should be privatized (Score 0) 125

I'd lean towards agreeing with you if only it worked that way. Unfortunately most private industry bows to the almighty buck, and security is usually seen as an impediment to maximum profits. It's not until they've been exploited and had their backside handed to them that they finally see security as a worthwhile investment. Even then some still don't get the point. I'm wondering why as a taxpayer we put substandard crap in there in the first place. It's not like we don't know who are enemies are.

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