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Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 1) 381

THIS! Over and over this! Nutrition and weightloss are fields in which science is completely ignored. Read Gary Taub's "Good Calories Bad Calories". He painstakingly outlines study after study where the "scientists" blatantly ignore results...instead to say "we are still certain it works THIS way...despite the evidence we just generated to the contrary". This crap has been going on for like 50+ years. I have literally lost nearly 100lbs while consuming 3000+ calories of FAT per day! No significant increase in physical activity. This after years of trying different methods suggested by my doctors....who noted that they had crap success rates. is WHAT you eat. And you are being told to eat the wrong things.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 496

Except that your doctor or nutritionist barely knows anything about it. The doctor took a couple crappy classes to satisfy his credit requirements, then never looked at nutrition again. Your nutritionist was fed a bunch of government bullshit classes that push big agro-business interests. Seriously. Diabetic? The government warns that you not miss your seven servings of grain...and don't forget the fruit! Pay attention to the doctors who are actually interested, and doing real research. Stephen Phinny PhD is a good place to start.

Comment Re:Give me a break. (Score 1) 244

Change the funding model. Enrollment vs course completion. Have some sort of independant auditing to make sure they are not just rubber-stamping "passed" to masses of kids just to keep that cash flowing. Don't just yank funding away from high failure rate schools...identify and address the problem.

Comment Give me a break. (Score 1) 244

What is this obcession with attendance? Who gives a crap if the student is there or not? If a minor misses role call, the faculty calls and tells the registered contact. The parent or guardian deals with it if necessary. If you are learning the material and are capable of passing the tests...stay the fuck home for all I care. This is something that has always bothered me. Oh, you score in the top 1% of the class on the tests....but you missed 10 fail. I have the same problem with homework. Oh, you demonstrate mastery of the subject, but you didn't do this huge mass of pointless fail. Even in college they pull this crap.

Comment Re:Silverlight greatness (Score 5, Insightful) 394

If it were easy for their customers to simply download and save all the movies they're interested in over the space of a month, and then unsubscribe for a few months until the next time they see movies they're interested in, then the entire model would break down - less revenues received, and more money spent on bandwidth per month.

That theory is already debunked. If it were true, Netflix and all the other streaming services would have already failed. Since it is tremendously simple to just hop on over to TPB and grab whatever you want in whatever quality you want it in. People want to pay a reasonable price to have this stuff available legally.

Comment Wow (Score 1) 259

Am I the only one who finds it horrific to use intense psychological tactics like this in such a case? What sort of permanent damage might be caused by long term isolation like this? For what purpose? Is there some loss of life or other high impact event they hope to prevent by sweating information out of this guy? Geez.

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