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Comment Re:Better check the contracts (Score 1) 738

Better RTFA

"Because of contract obligations, it is possible that we may not be able eliminate all 48,000 cell phones by June 1, but it is also conceivable that we can do it earlier - and that is my hope," Brown said.

Read more:

Comment Re:Fantastic (Score 2) 356

Not if intel has anything to say about it and remember that Apple was the first to adopt USB and Intel is partnering with Apple on this one, so I doubt it'll go the way of firewire. FireWire would have been much better than HDMI in the home audio word. Now we all live in HDMI hell.

Comment Macro's (Score 1) 375

If anyone in your company has spreadsheets full of macro's that auto update and provide other functionality, how are you going to replace that? OO.o is fine for general office stuff, but you just don't have the macro support you have in MS Office. Also, does your company use a lot of templates? Will they import into OO.o properly? Are you going to setup everyone installation in your office to have OO.o save in MS standard format for your users who will be working with other companies and might be clueless how to change the default document type?

I'd like to go to Ubuntu full time, but I can't because of certain applications like Abelton Live and Adobe Suite. I'm on OS X and I have VirtualBox to run XP so I can use a program that works with MS office because their's no alternative. I don't use it that often, but I have to have it to do certain things. I could do the same in Ubuntu, but then I can't run Abelton Live or Adobe Suite in a manner that's acceptable and that's just not going to happen. And don't mention wine because even though I think it's a great concept, it's just not reliable enough.

Comment Re:It's not what they did as much (Score 1) 565

Personal attacks are bad and certainly don't do anything to drive the point home. That being said, whenever you see someone treated this way, it's hard to not let your emotions get the better of you, not that I'm excusing that behavior.

Regardless of what the editor thought was legal or not her comments were freshmen and she should be terminated or replaced and demoted.

Comment It's not what they did as much (Score 1) 565

as how they responded. They were rude and insulting and she just asked for a donation to a local college. To respond in the way they did anyone would be upset and, out of principal, take legal action. They could have just said, sure we'll make the $130 donation and be happy, but they had to insult her instead. The magazine should donate 10 times the amount and fire the editor.

Comment unwinnable (Score 1) 381

2d/3d, no one will win an argument on a people's preference. For me, I don't mind 3D as long as I don't have to wear glasses. Having something stuck on my face through a move is not my idea of fun. I saw Avatar in 3d in an IMAX theater and it was neat, but the glasses bothered me and I wanted to take them off several times. I don't like any glasses wether they're sunglasses, prescription or 3d. So if you're going to force people to watch these movies, you're going to alienate some viewers. Just make them in 2d and 3d.

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