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Submission + - AT&T storing passwords in the clear? At the very least, emailing them... (

shekel writes: Recently I purchased an iPad with LTE to use on AT&T. When I set up the device with a wireless plan, I quickly picked a password which wasn't the greatest. So I went back later and changed it to a better password. Much to my surprise, I got an email from AT&T that my password had been reset — and it contained the actual password. Are they not using hashed passwords? And for the love of Pete, why would they send it back to me over an insecure channel such as email?

Requested some explanation from AT&T on their forums (link below). Waiting for it to play out, but thought this might be of interest to the larger community. After all, I'm not the only one with an iPad ;)


Comment Re:So, who is the thief? (Score 1) 279

Agreed. The point is that people (maybe not even you) leave crumbs around in twitter, forums, etc. (plenty of "throw me some BTCs here if you like this" links). So they can see the "associations". Does it mean that if there is a transaction from thief to known user, that the known user is the thief? Maybe. Does the known user know the thief? Maybe. Do they have no clue? Maybe. The only thing for certain is that they can't be certain.

BTC's public register isn't secret. Like stock trades, you can see the money moving around, and the article does a good job of visualizing some particular BTC floating around. They tie some of keys to ids they were able to scrub (i.e. forum user, etc). So if YOU aren't anonymous then you most likely outed yourself.

Does the FTA know the thief's id? Doubtful. They do a good jobs of tracing the money around, but that is about all you can tell. You too can follow the money at They might track it to a website and if they had help from the website then to a login and an IP, then via a ISP w/ court order, perhaps to a paying internet customer. Who knows... Clearly anything MOST people do online leaves a trace.

BTC is basically digital cash and you need to treat it as such. The guy who lost his coins was careless on security. Somebody basically pick-pocketed him and he didn't find out until it was too late.

Comment More likely not before March (Score 1) 251

I find it hard to believe that AT&T wouldn't try and wrangle me into another 2 year deal as I can't get the $199 pricing until Feb. 2011 (and for others I've talked to who got a 3GS). So once I'm on the hook again is when another option will become available in true Apple style. So I'm calling not until at least March... Of course it is possible that AT&T doesn't know Apple's internal plans. But they WOULD know when their exclusivity is up... so maybe...

But like everything Apple, it isn't true until Steve turns on the RDF....

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