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Comment Fool Me Twice... (Score 1) 118

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

This is not the first time Microsoft declared itself as open source. If they were dedicated to open source back then, they wouldn't be in a position to announce they open source; everyone would already know it. Put your money where your mouth is, Microsoft. Until they open-source Windows, Office, and Visual Studio, they are lying. And lairs are not to be trusted.

Comment Authoritarianism does not valid data (Score 1) 38

The most reliable database ever created is our scientific knowledge. And it only got that way because of some basic rules: 1. Anyone can do science. 2. Anyone can debate science. 3. All evidence must be repeatable and repeatedly verified. Any database that does not follow scientific methodology will always be susceptible to containing bad data.

Comment This is how tyranny starts. (Score 1) 367

"They saw these options as "meddling with nature," even though we've been using technology to enhance our lives for thousands of years." Not only is this insulting, it's a straw man argument. The objection isn't to technology. The objection is to technology controlled by by secrecy in backroom deals. Did you know your cellphone can track you everywhere you go even after you turned it off? Did you know your cellphone can record everything you say even after you turned it off? Secretly-controlled technology is tyranny.

Comment Re:American Exceptionalism (Score 1) 573

There is no American law which prevents America from spying on non-Americans. We've signed no treaty that says we won;t spy on foreign countries. That means it is by definition legal for us to do so.

The laws in the article you linked to are all non-American, mostly from the Commonwealth Realms.

So? That's the whole point. American exceptionalism is thinking that Americans can break laws in other countries and get away with it because they're special. That's why the world hates Americans. They have double standards. They can break laws in other countries but if others come to America, woe betides them is they break the law.

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