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Comment Re:Maybe not the only one (Score 1) 289

Bullcrap. Read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodge_v._Ford_Motor_Company

Quote "The Court held that a business corporation is organized primarily for the profit of the stockholders, as opposed to the community or its employees. The discretion of the directors is to be exercised in the choice of means to attain that end, and does not extend to the reduction of profits or the nondistribution of profits among stockholders in order to benefit the public, making the profits of the stockholders incidental thereto.
Because this company was in business for profit, Ford could not turn it into a charity. This was compared to a spoilation of the company's assets. The court therefore upheld the order of the trial court requiring that directors declare an extra dividend of $19 million."

This was in 1916, Mister.

Comment It does work - first hand account (Score 5, Interesting) 219

So I lived in the mission area of SF for a while earlier this year. This place was bad - post the 21st street or so. A friend of mine was mugged & beaten badly at 24th and Mission (where Bart is) at 9 in the evening.

Last year they started installing cameras all around (very visible effort - you could see cameras all around you) - and the crime rate (atleast the mugging rate) went down immediately. Everyone here agrees that the drop in crime can be attributed to the street cameras. This opinion is also shared by business & hotel owners whom I know and meet.

I do think nothing can improve Tenderloin though.

Comment Artistic Ownership != $$ (Score 1) 494

1> Lower cost of distribution and reach means:
-- lower barriers to entry
-- more artists can produce & reach their market
-- hence more supply.
-- it also means more demand due to lower costs, easier consumption (think straight to itunes > iphone model)

2> More supply means less insane profits for what used to be the 'media conglomerates'

3> More demand (for quality content) ensures the artists making the right content win. And the ones who don't lose. That's why Hollywood had the best year last year - yet the hit:flop ratio still didn't improve much.

Comment TFA not credible (Score 3, Insightful) 91

Every time I get close to pretty much accepting Arrington's story at face value, he pulls something that makes me stop and reexamine his arguments.

TFA starts with a promise but quickly loses the plot. Smith fights Arrington's ambiguity with ambiguity. Alright - so Arrington hates this guy and calls press out. Big deal. Where are the facts?

Comment Re:Slashvertisement! (Score 4, Interesting) 82

I'll tell you what my problems are with that statement:
1: If the suggested app is a desktop app, why compare it with Google docs or Zoho docs ?
2: The whole premise of 'taking on google docs' without having browser as a delivery mode doesn't make sense. Google docs is popular [if at all] NOT because it has more features - it is popular because it can work from within a browser. Get what I mean ? No downloads, no clients, no 'need to take my machine or harddrive with me' - get it ?
3: I'm assuming the features touted here are present in Microsoft Word through Sharepoint and/or Groove [never used both though]. So what's so innovative about this app ?

Seriously, anyone ?

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