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Submission + - Is being an inventor-licencor worthwhile career option?

An anonymous reader writes: Can you make a career out of patenting and licensing your inventions? I have a few good ideas that I think will be interesting to manufacturers of consumer products. Is it worth paying up the cost of patenting them in the hope of being able to license them and make a living out of them?

Are there reliable and trustworthy third-parties who can help? What are the chances that a reasonably good idea gets licensed? Have you seen examples of people who did this and succeeded? What advice do you have for me?

Some background: I am an engineer who has worked several years in various B2B industries. I have several granted patents and applications from my employments (obviously granted to my employers) and hence I am reasonably familiar with the patent process. My current ideas are not of interest to my employer. I am not under an illusion that I will make millions. But interested to know if I can make low 6 figure (USD) annual income over the long run.

Comment Re:Windows 7 user (Score 5, Insightful) 702

In my previous job I ran a 32 core SGI box to run fluid dynamic simulations. Of course, with Linux. Would not trust Windows for a moment on that setup.

My point is your case is very specialised and so is mine. We are happy about our respective setups and none is disputing that fact.

The point of this article is about comparing Windows and Ubuntu for a 'normal' user.


Submission + - Chinese social websites go under 'maintenance' (danwei.org)

Shastri writes: "After blocking several prominent social websites like Twitter, Youtube ahead of Tiananmen anniversary, by the great firewall of China, some popular social sites in China have also gone under 'maintenance'. While it is anybody's guess as to whether these events are related or purely coincidental, the announced maintenance come mostly unscheduled and last for several days might give a hint. A spreadsheet (in Chinese) is being maintained enumerating the sites that have gone down for a maintenance."

Comment Crore, lakh etc (Score 5, Informative) 176

Indians use a different system of counting. After the thousand, they have a name for every second power of ten (unlike the western system of naming every third power). The system goes like this: 1000: 1e3: Thousand 100 thousands: 1e5 : Lakh 100 lakhs : 1e7 : Crore So 386 crores at about 46 INR a dollar is about 86 million USD.

Submission + - Mobile phones to monitor traffic congestion (computerworld.com)

shas3n writes: "In an interesting and innovative way, Bangalore city, India has come up with a way to monitor road traffic congestion by monitoring the density of mobile phones. This can give the quantitative and directional information of traffic flow without a significant additional infrastructure investments.
The congestion data is already available at http://btis.in/live.htm"

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