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Comment Re:The Only One I've Seen.. (Score 2) 65

I have to agree with you. I rolled my own Linux router solutions for years but made the switch to Sonicwall two years ago. I deploy TZ-180s at all customer locations and set up a VPN tunnel to my NSA-240 where there virtualized server are located. Can this be done with Linux? Sure but buying the parts to build something the size of a TZ series costs nearly what it costs to purchase the TZ-180 (without the extended service agreement). I have enough 180s deployed that I keep a couple in stock as hot spares rather than spending the $ on the service agreements.

The best part is that clients are able to access their servers from home/on the road/etc with NetExender to a SRA Virtual Appliance. I think this is where Sonicwall really shines. The ability to install the NetExtender from a web portal with a couple of clicks saves me many hours of trying to walk a client through how to configure a vpn connection on their home computer. In addition the SRA supports Windows, OS X, Linux and iOS devices and the clients are all no charge. It's simple to configure a custom portal for each customer including bookmarks to file shares, rdp sessions, etc. And the best part is that the authentication for each portal is easily pointed the the customers DC's, a thing that Has always been a problem for me with Linux routers.

While I was not a fan of Sonicwall in the past I believe today they really provide a nice range of products at a reasonable price point.

Comment Re:Certificate? (Score 1) 665

My IP address usage would go back to how it was back in the early '90's where every customer had their own IP address. I don't even know if my ISP's could allocate me enough addresses today. Even if they could the monthly cost for the extra IP's would substantially increase my operating expenses which in turn would somehow need to be passed on to the customers.

Comment Re:How I back up photos/videos (Score 1) 680

My main repository is on my Mac Book Pro. It automatically backs up via Time Machine to a ReadyNAS NV+ every 15 minutes when I'm home. The NV+ has a 2 TB WD MyBook drive on the front usb port. Once a month I press the little button on the NV+ and it dumps the array to the MyBook. I have two MyBook drives and I rotate one offsite every month. I think they ran about $180/ea. You can get the 1 TB ones for $99 these days. Got the NV+ off Amazon for $550 with two 7200 RPM 1 GB drives. So for under $1000 I have a really nice NAS with multiple backups. Not a bad deal. Far cheaper than the Drobo's. I really wanted a Drobo but I could not justify the price.

Comment Re:Performance (Score 1) 450

I think your focusing a little too narrow. It's almost like supporting the argument that the Mac is still too expensive. At one point it was a very valid argument. Today not so much as long as you are comparing like products.

Wether or not a switch to a FOSS solution is viable or not really depends on the type of office. I agree that departments like Finance are not candidates at this point. However many call centers might be able to go this route. In my company we have a three person finance dept. However the customer service dept is 40 people strong. Our CRM system is web based and the only other need the CS group has is an office suite and the ability to generate pdfs. The switch was pretty painless. The Collections department is next which will net us another 20 or so users. Can we make this change with HR? Maybe, but it might not be worth it. They are still using the desktop payroll software. If ADP were eventually to force them to moving to the web then yes. Could I mandate such a change probably but I don't want to deal with the backlash. I pick and choose the battles. Bottom line is overall we have cut Windows desktop usage by over 70%.

As more apps go web or cloud based it's going to be possible to migrate more and more of them to a FOSS thin client type solution.

Comment Re:Kinda (Score 1) 456

I personally believe once you are gone you're worm food but I don't force my beliefs on anyone else. I'm just saying that if you actually witnessed someone die of ALS I find it hard to believe you would want to stretch out your life if you contracted the disease. IMHO to do so would be much more selfish than giving up your organs and ending your life. I have a wife and two young children and I if available I'd take the organ donor option rather than to torture them over a slow demise.

Where I disagree with you is that making that decision is truly suicide. I guess we will see how the courts feel about it...

Comment Re:Kinda (Score 1) 456

If you had the death sentence that ALS is you would not want to 'eek out as much time' as you could. Sure in the early stages up to the point where you end up wheel chair ridden you may feel so. You get the the point where your brain is functioning just fine but you no longer can control anything. Your family is helpless watching you deteriorate. They now spend all their time and money taking care of you.

I'd like to look into your eyes as you are finally suffocating because you no longer have muscle control and you can't breath anymore. At that point I'd like to know if you really thing the little extra life you eeked out was worth it.

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