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Submission + - Moving From PHP To Something Faster - But What?

shambalagoon writes: I run a chat bot site that is written in PHP and uses MySQL. The heart of the site is the AI Engine, which takes messages the user writes, processes them, and generates responses. During the processing of each sentence there are dozens of database calls. Right now the server can slow down with even moderate traffic, so I want to translate the AI Engine into something that would be lightning fast and able to deal with millions of messages a day. My first thought was to translate it to C++ and run the compiled app as a web service, but I've also been advised that Java might be a better option. Complicating the situation is that the AI Engine interfaces with another compiled C app during processing. This app has a C API but also Java bindings. In the long run, I'd like it to not only work on the web server, but be able to run as a standalone app, and even be embedded in toys (although using a wireless internet connection for the toy to access the AI Engine online might be a better idea). What would be the best programming language and database type to use?

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