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Comment Agile - an outside in perspective (Score 1) 507

To me the biggest risk in any product is not getting the right product out. Quality comes second. Iterating rapidly allows you to get to the right product. The impact on quality that comes from not having enough time to think through design, code and test, in theory, could be compensated for by "smarts". To the extent Agile helps iterate to get to the right product it is valuable. The specific mechanics of it are not "nature laws" and hence should and must be changed by smart people to see if it fits their purpose.

Comment hold your horses (Score 5, Informative) 233

before any of you start saying India this and India that, ban H1B, nuke em all etc. Just remember this is one image and India is 1.3 million Sq mile in area with 29 states, 7 Union Territories, 122 major languages and 1599 other languages, 3 sign languages, 6 major religions, oral literature dating back to 1500 BCE, some of the richest and the poorest people, at least 14 different ethnic groups, 6 national level political parties, 1800 total political parties... etc. India is not " is" India "are". So please take a nuanced approach to everything. Read, learn, present arguments with humility that you know only a small fraction of what needs to be known to even take a position on this country.

Comment non-english passwords (Score 1) 340

I often use passwords that are us one of 2 non-english languages that i speak well. The words and phrases in that when written in English are typically unique to me as there is no right way to spell hindi words in English and then i add sprinkling of local context from my childhood. So Hindi for teacher is adhyapika/adhyaapica/adhyapeeka and now change few of those letters with numbers/special characters using one of the many possible choices... replace english letters with corresponding numbers or actually change the corresponding letters with numbers from hindi alphabet set (like aa could be 11 or 2).

My sense is that using non-english languages brings in a complexity that is highly resistant to attacks but I am not sure. In theory someone could have compiled a password dictionary with these combinations as well.

Comment Re:Hooray for freedom (Score 1) 747

I think you missed 2 points. First of all the total video content over the network is really low due to the fact that the broadband penetration is at around 20% globally. Secondly most of the content is still not HD. You and I are benefitting from this in terms of the last mile being the bottleneck. So even if just consider HD resolution, the backbone will start to get clogged as more content becomes HD and more people get on broadband. To reiterate last mile will not be the bottleneck the backbone will be. There are many more points around why 4K makes sense which have to do with interactivity (think digital zoom) and projection displays but we dont even need to go there to see why networks will be unable to keep up as they stand today.

Comment mod me down if it must be but (Score 0, Redundant) 338

Is it not possible to make every access to data logged (whether through the application our outside of it) and then provide permissions to change those permissions only to a select group of people. These limited set of people (with ability to change the logging behaviour of the systems) can then be selected/monitored through highly stringent processes. While this will not eliminate the possibility of still having an insider threat but I'd think it'd go a long way towards deterring "insider" threat especially of all admins know that all their actions are logged and only the "superadmins" can change that. It seems to me that it is a design + awareness issue combined. Then comes the issue of even if it can built (the process) and implemented is there sufficient motivation for Cloud providers to do this. This is where regulation may be needed because if this investment is measured using regular business investment metrics around ROI then it is unlikely to meet the criteria.

Comment Re:Hooray for freedom (Score 1) 747

Not so fast my friend. Video breaks this assumption especially when you consider increase in broadband penetration rates over next few years. Last mile, which has been the bottleneck for the first 20 years of internet will find that the other parts of the network backbone, peering points etc will need costly upgrades to carry all the video traffic. Especially as the video content on the internet moves from a measly 320x240 largely to HD, 4K and beyond. The increase in resolution and increase the demand for higher resolution (broadband penetration) can possibly change the economics to a physical media based distribution model especially for high resolution video. Even mobile video can consume a lot of bandwidth if it has interactivity. In many ways, relatively low penetration of braodband has been the reason that has kept the internet from collapsing under its owne weight.

Network based content distribution technologies are evolving to help address this. But my point is that the outcome is not as certain as you make it sound.

Comment shameless plug for my blog but (Score 1) 346

I found this ( of privacy on part of Google quite astonishing. For some reason very few people seem to care about Google's continued "unusual and unexpected" usage of data provided by its users. The trade-offs you are making as you share each bit of information with Google are not at all obvious and easy to understand.

The issue I have raised continues to exist (though it was much worse earlier) in Gmail.

Submission + - Poor makes dumb - says a study (

shakuni writes: A controversial study has found a strong correlation between a country's disease burden and the IQ of its people. The explaining rationale says that the same energy needs to cater to both fighting diseases and brain development. So in poor countries more of that energy is consumed in fighting diseases and hence stronger immune systems than development of the brain and hence the lower IQ Of the people from developing and underdeveloped country.

I am from a developing country and have witnessed the intelligence and creativity of the poorest of the poor. It seems like the measurement of IQ is biased towards measauring things that are not the sole reflectors of brain development. While the rationale may seem plausible, this seems to be an overly simplified explanation for a bad measurement. The Slashdot stock is clearly well-fed and nourished and while they may have weaker immune systems, their intellectual capacity is not diminished like some of my brethren in India. It will be interesting to see what y'all have to say about this.

Comment Re:Security != privacy. (Score 1) 288

Google definitely uses my data in ways that I don't explicitly authorize them to (arguably it is embedded in one of those terms of service that i sign but I am not talking technicality here but perception of trust) and definitely creates suspicion on total transparency image that is often spread in this forum. I have posted my experience below.

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