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Comment Inventory, then HD's only (Score 1) 331

1. Inventory *everything* in terms of hardware, disks, monitors, etc. Insurance will want this (and you do have insurance, don't you?)
2. Save all configs that you can to someplace secure/remote. This would make setting things up again more easy if it is the case that your entire workplace gets destroyed. A switch / wireless AP / IP phone is very easy to replace and really not worth saving if there's a fire coming down the mountain.
Consider this: do you really need the entire workstation or just the hard drive? Even then, do you even need the data on it or can you rebuild it with an image and a restore from a network share?

Why Politicians Should Never Make Laws About Technology 214

snydeq writes "As the world gets more and more technical, we can't let Luddites decide the fate of dangerous legislation like SOPA, writes Deep End's Paul Venezia. 'Very few politicians get technology. Many actually seem proud that they don't use the Internet or even email, like it's some kind of badge of honor that they've kept their heads in the sand for so long. These are the same people who will vote on noxious legislation like SOPA, openly dismissing the concerns and facts presented by those who know the technology intimately. The best quote from the SOPA debates: "We're operating on the Internet without any doctors or nurses on the room." That is precisely correct,' Venezia writes. 'The best we can do for the short term is to throw everything we can behind legislation to reinstate the Office of Technology Assessment. From 1974 through 1995, this small group with a tiny budget served as an impartial, nonpartisan advisory to the U.S. Congress on all matters technological.'"

Comment In other words... (Score 1) 139 to get a large part of netflix's subscriber base to unsubscribe. That'd be the first thing I do if this happens, to be honest. Yes, netflix has had some hiccups, but nothing too bad considering I pay $9 / month for access to their library anywhere I am. The only way this might be good is if they can get even more TV shows on there or somehow fix the media industry's holdback on getting newer TV shows online faster. Lol that'd be the day.

Comment Re:You think the housing collapse was bad (Score 4, Informative) 917

Eh that's a good point. I've interned at the company I'll be working for after graduation for every summer since I got into college (started right after my freshman year). So far, I've done 5 summer internships and a 1 during the school year. Looking back, that's the best decision I could have made when it comes to my employment.

Comment Re:You think the housing collapse was bad (Score 1) 917

What's happening is a bubble, it's as simple as that. Looking at the costs of school now, I'm glad that I'm almost out of it. Yes, I'll have loans to pay for years but I also got a job to pay them off, thankfully. Some aren't nearly as lucky as I was, though, and they're moving back in with their parents if they can. Imagine the fun we're going to have when that bubble bursts, though, and people stop going to college because the cost is so unsustainable. Some will get a better education by actually learning more, others will be in a much worse spot. Even for those who have the money, it's not worth it. Would you pay for 4 years at a school that's going to cost you 50% or more as much per year as you're going to make when you get out of it? Probably not.

Comment Re:Server cold war (Score 1) 347

Agreed on the BASH part. FTA: "[Powershell is] literally an OS itself. You can do anything in it," In other words, MS is saying, "Look at what we have! a command prompt you can administrate the computer through!" How non exciting when the same thing has been available in Linux/other OSes for a long, long time.

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