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Comment The right thing (Score 2, Insightful) 406

It seems that a lot of people are suing/pressing charges for just about anything and everything these days. Its a shame when it comes to try and press charges on teenage girls for taking photographs of themselves. While I do not agree with what they were doing, it was in there power. They were not being forced against their will or doing anything sexually explicit. That is the definition of child pornography. Its good to see that the court has some sense.

Comment Frustrated (Score 1) 322

This kind of thing makes me so blind with anger that it makes it hard for to write about it. They link news stories to news sites and enable the masses to be able to read news more easliy and they try to force a fee on them. So help me god if my GoogleNews widget in my Dashboard gets taken away. I am a busy college student, employed by a programming company, I need my news fast, and I dont want to have to search all over the interwebs to look for it. I want to stay informed. They make their money google makes thiers. Live and let live. Damn I hate this type of policy!!!

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