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Comment Re:New telescopes... (Score 1) 375

Because the moon gets 14 days of sunlight in a row, which means you can't look at much every other fortnight.

That would be of absolutely no concern to whatever telescope we put up there. The reason daylight is a problem for astronomers on Earth is that our atmosphere scatters sunlight into the telescope no matter what part of the sky you look at. Thus, you can't easily see any stars in the daytime. The Moon doesn't have this problem since it doesn't have the required atmosphere.

The Sun will interfere with a Moon-based telescope about as much as it would with the Hubble. On the other hand, a Moon-based one would only be able to survey half of the sky at one time...

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Carbon Nanotube-Based NVRAM In 2-3 Years? 66

According to NanoWerk, UC Riverside researchers have come up with a memory device based on telescoping multi-walled carbon nanotubes. According to one of the researchers, 'This finding leads to a promising potential to build ultrafast high-density nonvolatile memory, up to 100 gigahertz or into the terahertz range" and a prototype could be demonstrated "in the next two to three years.' Similar devices from UCLA and Caltech based on bistable rotaxanes are farther along in being integrated into actual memory circuits, but tend to break after a fairly small number of position changes. Carbon nanotubes may promise more durable switches.

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