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Comment I don't... (Score 1) 507

I don't. Thats's why I bought one of the Samsung dumb plasmas before they stopped selling them and started forcing everyone over to LED "Smart" TVs. At the time we were using a dedicated HTPC, but these days we just use an AppleTV and a Plex server. External boxes are generally updated more frequently, faster and easier to replace than a "Smart" TV.

Comment Re:It's beginning to feel dated (Score 1) 523

For me a very big part was #1 (death of world pvp). They pretty much destroyed any means for players to make their own content. You run what blizzard thinks you should run or you do their battlegrounds and you queue and teleport to all of them. None of the dynamic skirmishes and battles that raged in various parts of the world or at instance gates that vanilla (and TBC somewhat) had.

The other major thing they did that killed the game is all of the cross realm queuing and interaction. Previous to them you built up a community on your server. People were aware of was a massive tool or who to watch out for in the world. Players knew who they were playing with or against and the game was better for it. Now you just queue up with a bunch of anonymous people which encourages poor behavior and little respect between players.

All thats left now is the endgame which pretty much means (if you expect to progress well and not deal with pickup groups) that you've got to block off multiple nights a week for raiding or your arena / battleground team. I'm not in college anymore, I don't care for or have time for that.

Comment Re:Dell U2412M (Score 1) 375

I would have to agree also on the U2412m. I'm running one of those along side a U2410 and have been very pleased with the quality of the display. Was a little wary at first because I'd heard some negatives about the newer E-IPS panels but once I had them side by side Im no longer worried. Much cheaper than the U2410/2413 and worth it if you don't need the large color gamut and better color accuracy.

Comment Re:Pricepoint fail (Score 1) 343

Worth pointing out in this comparison is that that 27" iMac is also going to include a 27" IPS display (~$1000 separately from about any vendor I've seen). Not that I'm saying it's the better option because of this, just factoring that into the price comparison here.

Now what Apple charges for RAM/Drive upgrades is a different (very ludicrous) story... anyone who buys into them is silly.

Comment Re:I doubt it (Score 1) 413

I agree with the above reasons but the two biggest ones for me were:

1) The death of community. They started cross-realming everything and this ruined any community that existed on a server. Now joining battlegrounds or dungeons removes all accountability and respect. People have no reason to be nice or care how they treat anyone else. See here: There were this kind of people before, but they were known based on their reputation. There was the other end of the spectrum as well, you could generate a good reputation for yourself, and you knew other people on your realm besides your own guild. There was a much bigger sense of community.

2) The death of world pvp. BG/Dungeon queues mean no one leaves a city unless they're doing a small subset of daily quests or leveling. They seem to be doing all they can to cut this out of the game. Battlegrounds are an OK substitute but they've forced them to be even more of a point grind. Half the people in there when I was still playing weren't there to win or even for pvp. They were just there for the easy purples. Probably on one of their alts. This also goes back to my previous point about community. There is none in BGs anymore and you get the same sort of trolls, but people try even less because they can get their gear without winning if they lose long enough.

There are plenty of other reasons but these were the root of my lost interest in the game. I enjoyed raiding and battlegrounds, but I enjoyed them with friends or in a community of people I knew had a common goal.

Comment Re:For me, and many of my fellow college students. (Score 1) 697

I guess it depends on what shows you actually watch, but we went the rout of an HTPC with tuner cards. It turned out that most of the shows my wife and I watch are either on local channels or available on Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming sources. We were paying $80 a month ($960 a year) for cable, I turned around and spend around $400 on an HTPC. It streams in HD on netflix which looks about the same as our cable did, local HD broadcast recordings look better than cable. Our monthly cost is our Netflix account or maybe a trip or two to Redbox, though we were also already using both when we had cable.

I agree that the cable TV industry as it stands is doomed. Our ISP (AT&T Uverse) is instituting caps next month. They give the usual bandwidth hogs line but it's very obviously to protect their cable TV business. We've already set up our cancellation date and scheduled the install of TWC. It's sad really because when we got AT&T they were (SHOCK!) excellent. They still were until the cap announcement, and we're sad to leave. I'd much rather be giving them my money than TWC, but caps are unacceptable to me personally, especially when being used for anti-competative measures. It's possible we'll be back... if TWC caps we'll be moving to Uverse Business class next. It's expensive but not as expensive as Cable.

Comment Cost and usage Barriers... (Score 1) 1162

I've had a bluray player quite a while (PS3) but don't really own many discs. The biggest hinderance for uptake in my case is the cost of media. I'm not going to pay $25-30 for a movie. If I REALLY liked the movie I might pay $19. I pick up all my discs via sales at Amazon/Target/Frys. Otherwise I get bluray discs from Netflix or stream.

The other thing I personally see slowing adoption is computer playback. No OS plays bluray video by default. I looked into setting up our HTPC to playback bluray discs and it would have been more expensive to buy an OEM drive and playback software than a dedicated player. Both my wife and mother have looked at movies and said something along the lines of "oh... well I cant play it in my laptop so I'll just get the DVD". Sure, they both are rarely going to play the movies on a laptop but they like having that convenience (road trips, traveling, on vacation etc).

That and my wife doesn't notice or care much about the quality difference. A majority of the time she puts out 5.1 system into mono mode when she's watching things.

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