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Submission + - MS Certification Pricing Going Up (microsoft.com) 1

shacky003 writes: "Received an email today stating that due to improvements, and MS certs supposedly being worth more now in these tough economic times, all cert exam pricing is going up.. As an example, in the US a standard $125 exam will now cost $150 as of July 1st..
"Effective July 1, 2011, the retail price of certain Microsoft Certification exams will increase.*

This change reflects the significant value that our certifications provide to our customers and our continual investment in new and enhanced Microsoft Certifications and other program improvements. ""

Comment Re:Not as cool as it used to be (Score 1) 162

I agree with the parent - I live at the edge of Lackawanna, Orchard Park, and West Seneca (all at the southern tip of Buffalo) and while we have city style blocks, etc, no FiOS even though there is a CO from which is runs just 900 feet away.
Many areas don't have better HSD due to Verizon and Time Warner Cable deciding via cost analysis that many of the areas are too poor/underfunded to make it worth running even a mile of fiber..
It's sad really, because this used to be such a hub back in the day with steel plants, and later the Ford and GM stamping/assembly/engine plants)

Another small issue with Yahoo coming here, is that they loved the press during the grand opening saying how many jobs it was creating - They just left out that most of those jobs are being filled with people being brought in from CA or NYC..

Comment Re:The $5 ... (Score 1) 132

People keep talking about using stolen CC's, etc.. how about going to your local grocery store (or mass retailer) and buying a $25 prepaid card to use?
You can put any info at all in the registration site for them (for when sites use AVS to check the card.)
You don't need stolen numbers when it's easier to grab a fraud-b-easy card while picking up milk...

Comment Re:One question (Score 1) 336

It has nothing to do with their understanding of digital electrical signals - speaking as a former regional operations manager for the above company, it has all to do with what can be said in a flashy way, to get customers to buy the highest margin products.. Each store is graded daily on department sales goals, with a huge eye on profit margin of accessory items (which is why they will sell you a pc with 5% margin, as long as you get the cables, etc, that are 80-95% margin)
To give the store sales people (read: clerks that are given scripts with specific "overcoming the "no" that customers might give you.." - Most know that what they are saying to customers is crap to sell more.. As a sales manager once told his staff: "What? Can a customer test the cable right here in the store, and tell you that there isn't a better sound quality from this cable vs. that? No?? Then there's no reason why to not say the higher priced one is better."

Comment Re:Where will the money come from (Score 0, Offtopic) 76

Obviously, you don't have a clue what you're talking about with NY's financial mess at the moment..

Speaking as someone who is following the mess in my state, people aren't "botching (great spelling) and moaning that they are not getting enough" - They are currently "bitching" and moaning because
the hardass in charge at the moment is using his "it's my way or the highway" attitude to piss -EVERYONE- off that deals with the budget, so they aren't trying very hard right now to get one passed.
While it sounds great to get into office on the "I'm going to clean up government" stance, it rarely ever happens when they DO get into office because the reality of having to work together comes into play..
BTW - to respond to your idiotic statement - people are currently bitching not because they want more money than they have gotten in the past - they are bitching because the payments for what they
HAVE BEEN GETTING have been stopped! Example: 31 state funded road projects dried up a week ago because the governor said he was stopping payment on ALL highway/road projects.. These projects
were already started.. Want to tell me why people don't have a reason to bitch because their road was ripped up, and then left unfinished? That is just one example.. They are also considering closing 9
schools in the city any day now because the state funding was stopped last week also - Are you telling me that the teachers who will be laid off, parents who will have to drive there kids 10+ miles to another
school every day due to no funding for bus routes don't have a reason to complain? With your level of spelling (echonomy? really?) You should be one of the first to complain about lack of quality education my
friend.. Try to state some actual facts next time you want to speak about anything NY budget related..

In case you want to whine about parents now needing to bus their own kids to school in another town, etc - How about the fact that the governor cancelled funding two months ago for low income assistance with
daycare in Erie County? 1500 families had to either magically start eating/spending $300 a week less to pay for daycare (that they already didn't have to spend) or they had to quit their jobs to go back to being
stay-at-home parents.. It was on the news every day for a month.. Yeah, but they are just whining, huh? And Albany is 130 miles away.. Check mark that geography standard as well..
Being that you wrote as if you're somewhere near NYC, you might want to know that 90% of my taxes in WNY go to your city (state-wide fact) - The entire state of NY subsidises NYC's budget every year, so
as long as I'm paying for your budget, how about you quit -your- whining.

Facts to back up everything I wrote: 1. living 5 miles from the second most depressed city in the US - 2. State budget (FY2009) and public tax records

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