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Comment Re:Silly Feds (Score 1) 509

General lesson: Convenient or secure. That's an XOR.

I rather thought that security/convenience was analog, not digital. As in, you're never perfectly secure, and never perfectly convenient; and many states exist in between the extremes.

I'll grant you inverse correlation, but I wouldn't even really agree to a security-convenience "continuum".

Why would you not agree to it being a continuum?

Comment Re:You mean... (Score 1) 420

I have been running as a normal user in XP Pro for the last couple years, using a program called SudoWn. It works perfectly fine. I had trouble with versions of it after 2.0, which requires .Net 2.0, so I just stuck with that version. The only thing I have to log in as admin for is Windows Update and if I want to play Deus Ex 2. I did have to manually set permissions on some folders to make things not broken (Program Files), but it works. My normal user can't write to C:\Windows or HKLM, or the root of the C: drive. I don't see a real security threat from having write access to C:\Program Files if those other directories are protected. Oh, also I have to run stuff like DirectX installers or other MS shared runtime installers as an admin using "run as" instead of SudoWn. Generally anything having to do with drivers I also install this way just to be safe. The real news to me is that 8% of the malware out there can apparently still install with my setup. Good thing I keep my antivirus and windows patches up to date...

Comment Re:Good Job Logitech! (Score 1) 456

I've pretty much used Logitech mice exclusively since I've stared using a computer. They've consistently provided high-quality, low-priced products. My mouse I use at home is a simple $12 Logitech optical mouse, and it works perfectly. Unfortunately, I'm using a MS mouse at work. I think I will buy another Logitech mouse to replace this one.

As someone who also has consistently bought Logitech keyboards and mice, I agree on the durability/price point- but Logitech mice have never been very ergonomic. I think Microsoft excels in this area with their mice, and I'll probably get one of theirs once my MX518 bites the dust. What don't you like about the mouse at work, other than the brand?

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