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Comment 100% past tense. (Score 0) 160

"Nuclear war loomed as an apocalyptic shadow that could possibly have brought human history to an end." The future is shitheads releasing clouds of radio active materials from whatever materials they can get their ideoligiosic sociopathic hands on. Someone in power, no matter what level of nutbag they are, would never chance loosing their comfy little hole.

Comment Re:Can we stop the embellishment? (Score 1) 177

I haven't read anything that suggests North Korea would have been successful if Sony switched to using two factor authentication on sensitive devices. Then again, I haven't read anything about Sony hiring NSE's after any of the times the have been ownt. Then again, karma for the root kit and not hiring people that can protect them is two factor in its own way.

Comment Re:What about a low-food diet? (Score 1) 252

It should be, "You want to reduce the amount of fat on your body?" The answer is not how much you eat or what you eat. It is the relationship between how much work your body does for a given action and how affective it is at utilizing calories from the food you eat.

If you eat a lot of food and burn a lot of calories and your body is not very good at turning the food you eat into energy, you will be thin. If the first are the same and your body is good at utilizing the food you eat, you will be muscular.

Manipulate those factors and you will find a simple formula that will determine food to work to weight to muscle.

My body just happens to do no work, consume lots of food, and is great at converting it to be used.

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