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Comment Re:Um, no. (Score 5, Insightful) 187

Imagine you have 30 year old desk of a nice design. A specific plastic piece of the desk (for argument's sake) breaks. That piece cannot be purchased because the desk went out of production 25 years ago and replacement parts are not available. So you go ahead and print the piece you need - either downloading the 3D model or creating a copy of it yourself. You have a fixed desk. A few days later you get a visit from the boys in blue for copyright infringement. Replace the desk with a car, toy, or some other widget. According to your argument - you should spend possibly thousands on getting a new thing, rather than spending $1 and a little time to maintain the thing. According to your argument the rest of the world should shame you into wasting your money. Me, I'd rather not shame anyone for doing anything reasonable like keeping their stuff maintained.

Comment A = B (Score 1) 288

If A = [Some Muscian]
and B = [ Some coporation ].

"We ask you to enact sensible reform that balances the interests of creators with the interests of the companies who exploit music for their financial enrichment" can can be reworded as as
"We ask you to enact sensible reform that balances the interests of 'A' with the interests of 'B' who exploit music for their financial enrichment.
Or do I have that backwards?
"We ask you to enact sensible reform that balances the interests of 'B' with the interests of 'A who exploit music for their financial enrichment.

I'm a little confused who the "bad guy" is intended to be here.

Comment Standards all over again (Score 2) 342

I remember a parable story about how a dev team lamented about the 20 standards there were for XXXXX. So they decided to merge all the standards into one comprehensive standard. They worked long and hard and finally completed the mammoth task and released it to the public. Now there were 21 standards.

This story about "pop computing" seems similar for some reason.

Comment Rephrase the problem (Score 3, Funny) 585

John Oliver famously coined the "dick-pic" angle of looking at the surveillance programs Snowden helped reveal. The resulting understanding in the masses when you boiled down the question to "can the government see my dic pics" showed a massive reversal of general opinion (IMO).

Something similar is needed here. Perhaps the question should be reworded to "Should the FBI be able to force Apple to rewrite their systems so that an Apple phone will unzip your pants to see if you have a penis or not?" Because at this point there is no evidence (that I've heard) that there is anything pertinent on the phone. Only the possibility that there *might* be. Much the same as there is a 50/50 chance that any particular person may have male genitalia under their pants. Hmm.. Schrodinger's Dick Pic???

Comment Why do I need SSL? (Score 1) 216

So my simple web server, serving up some basic info - like maybe my most recent cat photos.. Are you saying that I *must* use SSL to do this? And to make SSL work I have to pay to get a certificate (cuz I don't really trust the freebie options yet). All so that visitors to my site will *know* that they are looking at cat pictures securely? That doesn't really make too much sense, and seems to suggest a broad assumption about the main purpose of web sites. Not everything requires an encrypted channel. Won't someone think of the kitties? All this hype about safeguarding the Internet for the kids, and not enough to remember that kitties need love too.

Comment Full rights (Score 1) 539

Your rights to publish revenue generating advertisements stops the moment that ad attempts to appear on my screen. The screen belongs to me. The hardware that runs it belongs to me. The bandwidth to retrieve your ad belongs to me (by virtue of the fact I am paying for it). What I choose to have appear on my screen is MY choice - not yours. If I choose to replace all advertisements of one-eyed midget Unicorns, that is up to me. If I choose to utilize a tool to prevent the ads from using my bandwidth in the first place, that is up to me. If I choose to blacklist all the IPs that your ads appear on, that is also up to me. You have every right to publish your ad. You do NOT have the right to force me to look at it.

Comment So the gov knowingly ran a child porn site? (Score 2, Insightful) 138

I haven't seen it in the comments yet, but by seizing the site and NOT shutting it down, the government chose to run a child porn server. Does that not then put them under the same legal scrutiny as those they were investigating? Of course I did not read the article and may be missing a bunch of detail, but if the gov was actively serving child porn, then THAT is a crime in my eyes - regardless if it was a honeypot or not.

Comment I wonder (Score 3, Insightful) 129

putting on my skeptical hat here to consider alternate views. One could easily wonder about the "anonymous" nature of this disclosure and how the message is about instilling fear. Who profits? It would be easy to conclude that this is a propaganda release with the aim of softening up the sheeple's perspective to allow for increased budget expenses, or even direct action at the supposed culprits. Blaming a nation-state on flimsy evidence such as what language was used suggests a preconception being reinforced by circumstancial tidbits. Afterall, there can't ever be anyone else in the world that speaks that language, perhaps even within one of the superpowers known to be fairly multicultural. Or those who hirer foreign workers. Yep, a sceptic would be wary of reports like this - even if the infiltration is 100% true.

Comment Upgrade hell (Score 1, Insightful) 39

Between keeping the core WP system up to date, and keeping all the plugins up to date, the maintenance needs for a WP system discounts it for most of my customers. If you fail to keep the updates in place - almost daily, then your site quickly becomes owned and requires even more maintenance to fix. There are times and places for WP, but if all "fixes" and content updates are going to the consultants and tech team anyway, then why not just use static HTML?

Comment Re:Your ISP doesn't care (Score 1) 269

Run your own server? You got to be kidding with advice like this. It is simple enough to get such a server up and operational. But, the maintenance effort needed on that server quickly outweighs any benefits. Ensuring the server has appropriate spam / virus protections, keeping these up to date, dealing with blacklistings, etc. It just is not worth it unless it is your job to maintain a server like this. If this is NOT your job, that job will suffer due to less time being available while you deal with email server maintenance.

In the end, it is much better to ask yourself two simple questions - How many mail boxes do I need? and How much storage is needed for each mail box? Using that information you can shop around and find a suitable solution where it is someone else's business to do that server maintenance. Prices and capabilities vary. Places like Rackspace offers an email services only option that costs much less than the time needed to host your own server. Gmail and the ilk become options as well. I hesitate to use the "free" services from companies like Google though - it is bad enough that I am relinquishing control of an essential service, I want to know that I am getting what I pay for. The contracts for free services are rather one sided with limited liabilities, IMO.

Comment Interesting (Score 4, Interesting) 62

... "attributable to the inaccurate data Spokeo collected on him." If a company is in the clear for publishing inaccurate data about an individual, are they also in the clear for just fabricating data? What's to say that any of the names in their lists represent real and physical people with the same name? In theory the users entered the data at one point or another and that should be enough to tie the data to a real human. BUT any coder knows it's not rocket science to write a script to fill in a form and submit it. Consider tools like Faker

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