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Comment It's Come to This (Score 1) 100

Come on people (like MZ), admit it - you just want to be a brain in vat, and do everything by thought. Turn your fucking lights off with a switch, like everyone else. Go to the door and greet your fucking friends, if they're your friends, and you actually have any. Really, this is just ridiculous. It is hard to imagine anything more unimportant.

Comment Re:I don't understand the reason for this (Score 3) 31

Actually, that's not what it does. If you glance at their site, what they do is select one package for each major function, but make alternatives available in their repos. Actually, I've noticed that it seems to have become something of a 'selling' point for distros these days - "Only one app installed for each funtion".

Comment Re:Huh?! (Score 1) 267

Ditto. I use 10.7 on Windows, and it works fine. It takes a long time to load up, but other than that, it works. On Linux, I like Audacious a lot, and it accesses the iTunes music library just fine.

I am very careful to save a copy of the 10.7 installer - newer versions are pretty grotesque...

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