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Comment Re:This would be really bad for actual birds (Score 1) 95

See also: Using vaccination programs to collect terrorist DNA.

A doctor friend of mine considers this one of the worst, and most unpunishable, war crimes of the afghanistan war. In entire regions of afghanistan and taliban controlled parts of pakistan even being suspected of being a foreign doctor is enough to get you assasinated now. As a result polio and numerous other things are running rampant in parts of the world again, and may well end up killing more people than the military conflict and world terrorism combined, unless the world health organization can figure out some way to to convince the locals they are not american secret agents.

It was an evil piece of espionage that betrayed everything medicine stands for.

Comment Re:On Par (Score 1) 99

So will it be on par with PC graphic? If not, let me know when consoles catch up.

Well no, obviously not. With the current generation 1080s and the like theres no comparison. But the consoles are not for the PC Master Race. They are for folks who want to hook up an affordable game box to their TV set and blap bad guys with friends over beer and pizza.

And anyway, tuning games to be able to perform well on the consoles buys us a whole lot of free optimizations that make the PC versions scream along at high speeds and res

Comment Re:Latency must be bad... (Score 1) 81

and the annou ncements are to lure us away from Tor, which authorities have found too difficult to break?


Seriously, why the tin foil hat? The research is being done by university researchers and uses a pretty easy to understand improvement on Tors onion routing capable of generating a mathematical proof that the message hasnt been tampered with. This is important as the current vunerabilities in Tor rely on a malicious party being able to manipulate the onion routes to de-anonymise the transmitter or reciever.

You state that Tor is "too difficult to break" and yet we know this isnt true (And of course if you read the article, which you clearly didnt, you'd know that too) and after Operation Onymous, the european cops pretty much said as much. And if the euro spooks know how to do it, then you can bet the american spooks know how to as well. But hey, if we're gonna talk conspiracy theories here, I might as well remind you Tor was actually developed by DARPA (And if you dont believe me wikipedia it).

Comment Re:Court motions are not news (Score 1) 122

While I agree in principle. What Oracle has is the *rights* to Java, including the legal interests inhereted when it brought Sun.

Which isnt to say that Oracles behavior is anything less than reprehensible, but they do have a legal right to have their case heard, even if , as we all hope, the judge fines their claims nonsensical.

Comment Re:No More reboots (Score 2) 354

Remember ST:Enterprise? A new TV series doesn't mean the franchise is still alive.

Enterprise, despite its mistakes, actually had some pretty decent television.

Sure the temporal war stuff was terrible, and the first season was a bit hammy, but the Xindi arc was up there with the Dominion war in terms of good longer-arc trek.

I honestly suggest going and giving it another watch. Enterprise failed because after a 2 decades people where just trekked out.

Comment Anti intellectual government. (Score 4, Insightful) 87

This should be no surprise to anyone watching the current conservative governments attack on research and academia in australia.

The world renowned CSIRO has been gutted with climate research all but abandoned along with oceanographic research, which is a *big problem* when your an island nation entrusted to the care of the dying barrier reef. The government has stripped funding out of education and universities, removed scientific advisors from all levels of government, and often replaced them with spiral eyed religious idiots who see more value in quoting the bible than quoting peer reviewed research.

And now they are going after the history archives.

Comment Re:WTF is happening (Score 1) 198

Traumatic? I would have thought impossible. Please explain how one sets up a Commodore 64 to "boot over a network". I grew up with a C64 and I don't remember any such capability. There was a serial port which could support up to a 1200 baud modem as I recall, but no capability to boot over the modem. In fact, the computer's "operating system" (essentially a BASIC interpreter) was in the ROM memory, and didn't even need to boot from the disk.

No it wasnt anything as fancy as that. It was some sort of interface where we'd type in the LOAD "*",8,1 and then it would load something to the entire class, from memory. I was only a kid at the time, but I believe it was some sort of shared hard drive type thing. Might have used the IDE64 interface which supported network drives. It was a heck of a long time ago.

Comment Re:WTF is happening (Score 5, Interesting) 198

When we where in school (I'm assuming your part of the pre millenial gen x's like myself) , teachers had no idea how to incorporate computers into lessons because the damn things where so new (And because getting a commodore 64 to boot over a network was.... traumatic)

They have learned. The most important asset in education is a childs attention span, and many children just dont have good attention spans, be it physiological issues like ADHD , social problems like internet or phone addiction, or because its summer outside and "skool sux miss!". So teachers have been experimenting with ways of combining the fun side and the educational side of computers. Minecraft for exploring programming and creativity. And now civ for exploring how history actually moves.

The trick is to get kids to understand that history isnt just a series of rote dates to remember (In fact knowing the exact date napoleon was born or whatever is pretty uninteresting to historians) , but a big story with processes that motored it along that we can learn from.

The trouble I think is that historians dont actually agree on much about those processes. The post-marxist school of thought sees history as a process of struggles over resources between interest groups. Foucaultians see history as a process born of the "techniques" of power the elites wield over the non elites, Traditional liberalism saw history as a Hegelian (Not to be confused with marxisms very different view) process of gradual movements towards technological, social and cultural perfection. Structuralism sees history as a process analogous to language that can be interpretted along symbolic measures, whilst the post structuralsits (or post modernists) doubt theres any real motor of history at all, bar for the views of the history teller.

Can Civ capture these debates in historiography? Probably not, but getting the idea into a kids head that maybe theres something more to history than just a series of boring dates to memorize for the test is a spectacular achievement and might well even lead to a more circumspect group of adults that look for the big picture rather than the shallow immediacy of consumerist nihilism.

Comment Re:Huh? Apparently I need to update my container k (Score 1) 35

Whats with all these posts where people get angry because they dont know what a particular technology is. This isn't "news for clueless old people" its "news for nerds", a prerequisite of which is RTFA and if that doesnt work, "Use google" .

Its bad enough all the climate denialist whackjobs you get here from time to time, but folks being proud of their technological illiteracy? GTFO

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