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Comment Re: Dropping Anchor (Score 1) 329

Do you seriously doubt that Iran has serious economic difficulties, and is proping itself up with oil money? Here's a recent cite; Google finds dozens.

You probably weren't being intentionally funny but in today's economy, if you're propping yourself up with oil money, you're not having economic difficulties.


Submission + - Re-branding Intelligent Design

sfjoe writes: Far from giving up, the radical right is as determined as ever to force creationism into the classrooms. In this article at Ars Technica, the "rebranding" of creationism as a new tactic to move religion into the science classrooms of high schools and universities. A new book, "Explore Evolution", "...purports to use an "inquiry-based approach" to introduce students to evolutionary biology". In fact it brings up "...the same flawed arguments that have been used against evolution for years, primarily those from Discovery fellows Michael Behe and Jonathan Wells".

Submission + - Are Spammers Giving Up? 1

sfjoe writes: Are spammers giving up the game? Google seems to think so. In an article at Wired, Google, "..says that spam attempts, as a percentage of e-mail that's transmitted through its Gmail system, have waned over the last year". They think their own filters are so good that spammers aren't even trying anymore. Personally, I haven't seen a reduction in spam traffic. Maybe Google's filters are just better than mine (likely).

Submission + - Reiser Trial Begins

sfjoe writes: In Oakland today, the trial of Hans Reiser begins. Reiser is accused of murdering his wife Nina, although no body has been found. Prosecutors expect circumstantial evidence to be compelling enough to lead to convictions while the defense claims Nina Reiser is alive and well in Russia.

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