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Comment Re: And? (Score 1) 56

You give them too much credit. When it was revealed that GCHQ was collecting this data, there was no apology in the UK. In fact, David Cameron praised the agencies, calling them "geniuses"..

I think the idea here is we should be grateful for their protection. After all, we wouldn't want anything bad to happen, would we..?

Comment Got me into PC Gaming and my career.. (Score 1) 351

I remember travelling half way across the country to meet a guy in a car park and swapped an Amiga 2000 for a 486DX2 chip, just so I could play Doom.

Also, during a short term night job, (digitizing gas mains into AutoCAD for a well known UK gas company), I created a custom boot disk for the office Novell Netware network, so we could "borrow" 4 of the office PCs and use them for multiplayer Doom. It was my first networking experience and from that, I got into network and system administration as a career..

Comment Re: why? (Score 1) 70

To be fair, the Vive launch was a massive screwup as well. I preordered one and was supposed to be one of the first "wave" of UK orders, until they screwed up my payment and then cancelled my order.. Two days later and one their reps tells me the only way to fix it is for me to let them have remote access to my PC so they can reorder it..

I refused, so never got the Vive and will wait until the dust settles to see which is worth getting, but I can confidently say it was the worst online buying experience I've had.

Comment Re: And how much will the EU (Score 1) 866

What have minorities got to do with it? If its anything like the UK, the biggest drain on state benefits by far are white british, some of whom go back 3 generations of never having worked. The minorities (or immigrants) tend to want to work and only claim benefits for a short period until they get a job.

This is the great irony of the EU referendum we are having soon, the biggest issue (immigration) actually benefits our economy, but the right wing press paint them as the great evil of our time..

Comment Re: He proves again... (Score 1) 830

I read a short story years ago by Stephen Baxter that did just that.. IIRC, it involved sending a tiny device (or maybe some kind of laser) to Alpha Centauri, the idea being that it required a sudden, massive increase in resources to simulate the extra space in detail that it crashed the universe..

Hmm, isn't someone working on something similar atm..?

Comment Re:Very useful but very expensive (Score 1) 359

Pretty much agree with all of this, however I do find answering calls on the watch useful in the times when I am not in the same room as my phone. I can answer and then go to my phone, instead of having to run for the phone and miss the call more often than not like I used to..

Also, I find it quite nice to be able to tell the time without having to dig out my phone.. Its gone full circle in that respect. :)

Comment Re: Build one (Score 1) 325

While I agree with you regarding the up front costs, you'll make the money back on the cost of games, which are on average £10 cheaper on Steam at release (more so if you use a key reseller) than the console equivalent.. Also as game development follows the consoles nowadays, the old two year upgrade cycle no longer applies.. A decent PC now will serve you for as long as the consoles life, which was 10 years for the last generation.

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