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Comment Re:By what perversion of logic? (Score 2, Informative) 169

How is this supposed to clear the wrongly convicted?

If you are wrongly convicted, you wont have much issue providing your own DNA to get free.

This has only a few applications:

With current technology a matching genetic pattern can be generated. This would make a great tool for acquiring genetic patterns for the fabrication of evidence and false convictions. Even without such fabrication, genetic evidence can be abused to implicate someone that just happened to have passed through the location of a crime days, weeks or months before the event.

The theory is that if the person that actually committed the crime has a DNA sample in the system already then you will never be convicted in the first place. Or if you have already been convicted and they later get a sample that matches, from the newly expanded reasons for taking a sample, you are set free. This has already happened several times in rape cases in California. The individual was convicted even though the DNA was not a match. Then years later they take a DNA sample on an unrelated case, it matches the DNA from the previous case and they let the innocent guy out of jail.

Comment Re:Medical equipment (Score 3, Informative) 816

Medical equipment: I confirm. My cousin is an engineer for General Electric, Medical section. As far as I know he services cardiac echography equipment. From what he told me, they all run Windows. Of course, this isn't life threatening, but I do know he's hardware guy and it wouldn't be the first time he calls me for a software problem in his job.

While not in this case, a BSOD may mean real "D" these days in a hospital.... Sad, but true...

While I agree this is questionable, I don't think they are connected to the internets (at least I hope not). So, the whole virus/worm fear is probably irrational.

I worked for hospitals and they are connected to the internet. The products from GE were so far behind in Windows updates and virus protection it was scary. We had to pull a couple of machines of the network for blasting out virus' several times.

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