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Comment Re:wrong argument (Score 1) 156

So if I understand correctly, the argument for getting mandriva boils down to: "Use it because it's older than Ubuntu"?

No, the argument is "Use Mandriva because it is more stable, easier to use and works better out of the box." I've tried them all, including Ubuntu, even Gentoo. None come close to Mandriva's usability and administrative tools. And I mean none at all.

Comment Re:I'm shocked. (Score 1) 589

Technically, remember, that OOo is basically a dressing up and improving of Star Office, started by a German company, so if you want to attribute 90% of the work to someone, I'd put it there, but I don't think, at this point, you can contribute 90% to one entity.

That may have been correct at version 1.0 of OO.o, but was less so by 2.0. Version 3.0 involved an almost complete rewrite. The current OO.o code looks quite different from the original StarOffice.

Granted, Star Office, both program and company, were bought by Sun, but a lot of the work was done well before Sun stepped in and bought it.

See above. Was true, has not been true for several years.

Comment Re:I'm shocked. (Score 2, Informative) 589

Wake up. Sun was assigned the trademark in the USA *after* it had been registered by a private group. This was done so that there would eb sufficient resources to enforce the trademark. Sun was than tasked by the OO.o community to register the trademark in the rest of the world, since they were the only part of the community who had the resources to do so. When Oracle bought Sun, they inherited the ownership of said trademarks. As for the "Document Foundation", I personally as a long term member of the OO.o community (since before version 1.0 was released, actually) see their behaviour as that of a spoilt child who couldn't get its own way. Yes, there is a need for a foundation, but I disagree totally with the way this was done. It looks sneaky and underhanded from where I sit. And no, I do not, and never have, worked for either Sun or Oracle (I happen to be retired, and have lived in Australia my entire life).

Comment Re:Great step forward (Score 5, Interesting) 252

According to the wikipedia article on the concorde, it was actually quieter than many other models in service at the time.

I can confirm that.

At one time I lived directly under the flight path to Darwin Airport (in Australia). That airport is also the local Air Force base and runway, so we had not only Boeing 747s and other passenger planes flying directly overhead at an altitude of less than 500 feet, but we also had Air Force Mirages on the same flight path.

During the time I lived there, the Concorde visited, landing and taking off twice (or it might have been 3 times). I'll tell you straight, the Concorde made less noise on take-off than the Jumbo (and they were much quieter than the Mirages).

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