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Comment NDA (Score 1) 822

I am sure he signed plenty of NDA's

If he didn't like what he was doing he should have quit.

I don't beleive he deserves jail time but he is no hero either,

But whoever went in front of congress and lied about data collection, that guy needs some repercussions for that!

Comment Real musician do it live! (Score 1) 328

As advanced and modular papolar DAW have become nothing will replace a live performance. But that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about recorded sounds that are assembled to create a score. It's still valid and the composer still put hard work into composing arranging this piece of music.

Comment 100% gone (Score 2) 495

As I sit at the lunch table and see half of the people with their faces buried in their cell phone. twitching at every creek, buzz , bleep like it was the most important thing in the world.

I am just sad.

I am just not narcissistic enough to believe that everything that is sent to my phone is that important that I have to break the conversation that we're having. whether it’s last night's game or the trip Kev just took.

Comment Get Over IT (Score 1) 610

They have tasted the Cool-Aid and they like it.
From now until the end of time every thing that you do on any public network, using any public software is tracked.

Your GPS location
Your e-mail
Your phone calls
Your online transactions.
Your Facebook friends


NSA spying on people is like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon except it's 2 degrees and it's you and the rest of the world.
(If I knew how to make a tag line this would be it)

If they are following a member of Al-Qaida in the US and you come within 10 feet of him knowingly or not. Your phone will be tagged.

Comment Grinding (Score 1) 137

They turned a good stand alone game, Diablo 2 into a semi MMO grind. With a real money auction house and short content.

They basically sucked all the fun out of the game.

Blizzard changed about 3 or 4 years ago when they wanted to implement Real ID. They wanted to make WoW a Facebook of sort. Ever since it's all been about how to extract more money from their game than making a game shine on it;s own merits.

The day of the stand alone game is over. They all want you connected. You;re a revenue stream.

It's all sad really

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