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Comment Re:Not necessarily astroturfing (Score 1) 194

I'm also living here for a long time. Not sure if I get the same feeling, especially recently with the pigs in the river , pollution and all that. I think that many people support the government on international issues , like the dispute with Japan or Taiwan , but when it comes to domestic policies many see the government as completely useless. Perhaps a few years ago people were more hopeful , but now it seems that the corruption is impossible to heal

Comment Re:So, Essentially (Score 5, Informative) 114

Actually according to Chinese media this crack focuses on eradicating pornography. Now, it's true you can get any DVD in China including 'subversive' movie (like '7 years' with Brad Pitt) , but they simply don't sell porn in those shops, it's a line they never crossed. Chinese people get their porn from the internet, mostly through torrents. As for the "china does nothing" part. I think you need to understand just how poor China is. Despite media hype - this is an extremely poor country with tons of problems and the undermanned underpaid police has much more important stuff to deal with than people copying DVds

Comment Google still the best option for Chinese people (Score 3, Informative) 214

In China you can easily switch to and get the same results as the rest if the world. You can search in Chinese. Bing does not allow you this luxury if you are from China. It switches to English and changes the background picture but gives you the same Chinese government results if it knows your IP is from China. BTW- Chinese people know about Tiananmen They have satellite dishes with Taiwanese channels that spend 50% of their air time criticizing the mainland (the other 50% is sex and celebrities)

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