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Comment Re:Manual on External HDs and good organization (Score 1) 414

I should add that with multiple TBs of personal data you can't pick something that is 100% fail safe, cheap, and effortless. You can only pick 2 of those. 40 Blu-ray disks equates to a 2 TB external HD. The odds are one of those Blu-rays will fail. I work off the principle that as soon as one of my externals start to cause problems I go out and buy a new one and remove the old one out of service - its not worth the trouble. Last time that happened was about 2 years ago.

Comment Manual on External HDs and good organization (Score 2) 414

My personal and family data (not including ripped DVDs etc) are about 1 TB. Mostly photographs and video with my DSLR so the files tend to get large...but I also have a ton of documents, app installs, and all sorts of misc data. I must admit I'd be curious as to what fills multiple external HDs for personal data but to each their own.

Good organization outweighs medium in my case. 2xExternal 2 TB HDs - primary and secondary...and then a third stored off site at my parents that I update about 3 times a year, so if the worst happens I'm 6 mons out of date, but its usually about 4. And thats if both my primary and secondary go down. Thats a cost of about $300 total and a little a bit of effort.

"A little bit of effort" is defined by how you organize. Backing up manually means I don't rely on software or a service, but it requires some forethought. For me I break it up by data type and usually year...sometimes I go one more by how that data was acquired (photos I add who took the picture). This is important because I put anything new into a diff folder so I know whats new and whats not. It took me a couple of years to get to the structure I have but I sometimes add small tweaks. The effort or time now is fairly miniscule.

What I'm trying to get at is this : if you're prepared to put a small amount of time in every now and again, with an initial overhead, you can do this very easily and cheaply.

Comment Re:It's a good thing the military is still funded. (Score 1) 422

You can blame the GOP for Obama making [mostly election] promises that he could not possibly keep. Of course the GOP have a goal for him to lose precisely the same way the Dems want that with a Repub running for re-election - its because there's serious policy differences.

Comment Re:It's a good thing the military is still funded. (Score 2) 422

Actually it is absolutely true that its ONLY a spending problem. Saying otherwise is like saying we have to "pay for tax cuts". Absurdity in the extreme. Every strata of income, be it the poor to middle class to high earners to large Government revenue, overspends...we shouldn't have a [rising] spending budget and work out how to raise the revenue to match it, but instead see what our income is and work out what we can spend from what we get. What do you think happens to those that live their lives by saying "this is what I want to spend", now I have to work out how to get a job and get credit cards to pay for it? How well does that work out? Contrast that with those that say "this is my income, what can I afford?".

Comment Re:How about a fair compromise instead? (Score 2) 609

But thats the problem...I'm sorry, but the Palestinians *aren't* within their rights to not let him go to Israel - they're paying for him to come over and give a talk, which I'm sure he'll do to their satisfaction, so obviously they're ok with the terms. They don't 'own' him. All I see is spite coming from the Palestinian side - no amount of giving them a chance is going to remove that. My sentiments would be exactly the same if a company paid for someone to go to a conference half way around the world and then refused them a couple of days vacation to see the sights.

Comment Re:Conservatives against Wikileaks.. (Score 1) 810

He has total control, and is exerting it. He's spreading different leaks at different times, and using some of it as an insurance policy for leverage so he can continue. If he was just the messenger he'd dump the lot all in one go; but he's not, he's trying to influence an outcome. Exposing corruption & fraud - sure, I get that, for both governments and business. But to expose private comments, details irrelevant to "freedom of information", details on security matters is flat out wrong - its pretty much established he has an agenda. Who made him King of everything to decide what to publish? Just because he can doesn't mean he should.

Comment Re:Cutting corners is the name of the game (Score 1) 383

And the ever present demand of lower consumer prices is whats ultimately pushing that. For the overwhelming majority of people, cost of goods, is the determining factor of what, and how much, they buy. No one is blameless in our society - corporations are driven by what the consumer demands, and what they demand is the lowest cost without thinking what that means in terms of quality. For the oil companies, that means he who can deliver gas at the cheapest price [as an example] wins.

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