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Submission + - Firefox has the most stupid feature of any application ever!

sergiol writes: I have a computer I didn't turn on for a while. When some days ago I got it on and started Firefox, I was surprised with a footer caption saying something like "It looks like you haven't started Firefox in a while. Do you want to clean it up for a fresh, like-new experience? Welcome back!" and a "Refresh Firefox" button — . As I (and everybody else) expected from a "Refresh Firefox" button, it would not clean my profile. But when I saw the "Cleaning History progress" form, it was already too late!
The worst thing on here is the badly named button.
It seems I am not the only one looking for a way to Undo it: .

I think this feature is the mirror of a bigger problem that Firefox currently has, that is more important than performance or memory consumption: it is the conceptual design and process philosophy. The conclusion of the last sentence, I got it after starting another browser on another PC, and it made me think how MUCH the Firefox the Firefox way of doing things is different from a straight line.

What do you think?

DISCLAIMER: My message is a personal opinion and I do not work for any browser.

Comment batch to python transition (Score 1) 426

In my company, I had to do also an automated test suite.
I began with batch files, because there were already some very basic scripts done by another developer and I as extending them.

But, the suite needed some more advanced things, like time profiling. Batch files were too bad to do time calculations, even the simplest.

So, I decided to migrate to a scripting language, and I was between Tcl (I already did things with it, even controlling Networking printers through SNMP and PCL) and Python (Never touched it).

Even I like more the Tcl syntax, I decided for Python, because:
  - Python has a more active community and is not dying, unlike Tcl
  - I could learn Python
  - I could get help from some colleagues at my job
  - If the thing needs to be maintained, it will is more likely to get people that knows Python than Tcl
  - It has some modern developments that Tcl does not have

But, I also had some problems. First Python is now in a phase of deep restructuring, and I was doing it in Python 3 and had lots of problems, mainly because of some extras for Python that are not compatible. After, I discovered a chat Channel whose topic says "It's to early to use Python 3".
So I downgraded it and got the job done. So, if you go for Python, I recommend seriously 2.6

And you can also have some Windows things, may be it is why you are reticent of moving out from batches. I used winreg module to access the Windows registry.


After Learning Java Syntax, What Next? 293

Niris writes "I'm currently taking a course called Advanced Java Programming, which is using the text book Absolute Java, 4th edition, by Walter Savitch. As I work at night as a security guard in the middle of nowhere, I've had enough time to read through the entire course part of the book, finish all eleven chapter quizzes, and do all of the assignments within a month, so all that's left is a group assignment that won't be ready until late April. I'm trying to figure out what else to read that's Java related aside from the usual 'This is how to create a tree. This is recursion. This is how to implement an interface and make an anonymous object,' and wanted to see what Slashdotters have to suggest. So far I'm looking at reading Beginning Algorithms, by Simon Harris and James Ross."

Comment Komodo Edit / Openkomodo (Score 1) 310

Komodo Edit is a free editor you can use, and you can contribute to Openkomodo - it is a blend of Mozilla platform, Python and some other technologies.
I use it with the Morekomodo plugin, but even without plugins it has lots of functionality, specially for python.
Unless its heavy weight, I prefer everything of this editor over the Notepad++.

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