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Comment Soap (Score 1) 334

The booth babes aren't going anywhere only the nerds have discovered soap. I'd rather speak to a guy who knows what he's talking about only if he didn't smell. I don't mean Italian but just taking a shower more often works -- that's what the marketing have found out.

Comment Re:Communism (Score 1) 96

Don't be mistaken it will stay with the USA. Other countries will follow happily.
Right I am complaining about just that. It is so, anything can be viewed as threat. And surely it begins with weapons of mass destruction. It end with anything you say or do could be used against you. Should I feel guilty for something I say? Do I have to think twice before I say something on social media? I should feel the same as in totalitarianism (thanks AC).

Comment 9:15 is tiring (Score 1) 756

One, try holding your arms in this position for two hours or more. And no, the wheel is not shaped for that I've tried.

Two, better steering capability means you have to keey your hands steady more. Which is quite tiring with today's power steering.

Please fix the airbags instead or give me the old wheels.

Comment Re:What's the definition of an extremist? (Score 1) 402

Maybe I could agree with you in reading about bomb making. What if the site only presents ideas which are perceived extreme by some, like the government? What if the line is actually very thin? Who is to say what is extreme? That was my point. We can establish what is child pornography and what is not but who's to say what is terror and extreme? Even wikipedia says it depends...

For example, should be put in jail everyone who has seen the film Saw? (I did not and am not interested by the way).

Comment Re:What, exactly, is 3-SAT? (Score 1) 700

From the practical point of view, NP != P would imply that certain problems cannot be solved by a clever (= fast) algorithm. You would just have to go through all the options to be sure you have found the best solution. For example, to be able to tell what is the most efficient way to visit all the cities along your trip, you would have to try all combinations: from A to B to C, from A to C to B, etc. and evaluate total length of the journey each time.

Does the End of KOffice Mean the End of KDE? 233

jfruhlinger writes "Venerable Linux office suite KOffice has been reborn as "Calligra," a name meant to evoke calligraphy but perhaps a bit too close to the neme of a deranged Roman emperor. Perhaps more importantly, Calligra seems to be cooperating with the future MeeGo mobile Linux distro. Could this be the beginning of the end of the KDE desktop, at least under its current branding?"

Comment Memory failing (Score 1) 394

  • wondering how this could have ever worked
  • forgetting to save the file and wondering why it does not work
  • editing a different file and wondering why there is no change in the behavior
  • implementing the same part again while vaguely remembering to have seen it somewhere already
  • forgetting why I did not implemented it this way before

Game Developers Note Net Neutrality Concerns To FCC 74

eldavojohn writes "A list of notes from game developers (PDF) was sent in a letter to the FCC which represented a net neutrality discussion between the developers and FCC representatives. Game Politics sums it up nicely, but the surprise is that developers are concerned with latency, not bandwidth, unlike the members of many other net neutrality discussions. One concern is that each and every game developer will need to negotiate with each and every ISP to ensure their traffic achieves acceptable levels of latency for users. 'Mr. Dyl of Turbine stated that ISPs sometimes block traffic from online gaming providers, for reasons that are not clear, but they do not necessarily continue those blocks if they are contacted. He recalled Turbine having to call ISPs that had detected the high UDP traffic from Turbine, and had apparently decided to block the traffic and wait to see who complained.' It seems a lot of the net neutrality discussions have only worried about one part of the problem — Netflix, YouTube and P2P — while an equally important source of concern went unnoticed: latency in online games."

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