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Submission + - Microsoft can now remotely disable pirated games, if you're running them on Wind (

totalcaos writes: Privacy concerns as Windows 10 EULA gives Microsoft the ability to remotely disable or un-install counterfeit software and games. How Microsoft will go about detecting this is still unknown, but raises real concerns as according to this Microsoft will be able to tell whats installed on you computer!

Comment Re:Is it the phone or the stupid stuff installed o (Score 1) 484

I totally agree, the Windows Phone stuff is solid and really quick on dual core 1GB RAM devices when it takes four or five cores and 3GB of RAM to manage the same thing on Android in my experience. That said the platform is under constant attack by google continually blocking and changing APIs and sites to break stuff for it along with less support for apps for stuff like exercise watches and GPSs.

Roll on Windows Mobile 10 with unified apps which will hopefully fix a lot of this and make it a much more difficult target for Google to discriminate against like the petty trolls they are.

MS do NEED to hurry the fuck up though when it comes to distribution of updates, it can still take months for the shitty network vendors to let updates through.

Comment Re:Why does Microsoft even need a browser? (Score 1) 317

Many developers seem to get this but there seems to be a disconnect that lets the same evangelists end up using chrome or firefox specific extensions and claiming the same incompatibility with other browsers that they said was not ok when it was IE. A lot of web developers who screamed the loudest about the problem are now the cause of its latest iteration.

Comment Re:New name? (Score 1) 317

It will be just like Project Natal, huge hype, recognition and promise then they shaft all the free advertising and beige it up with a new name like Kinect. Spartan is a cool name with tie in with the Halo series, like Cortana it is on the cooler side of the brand but they will probably call it something stupid like Better At Net Goofing (Bang) or Microsoft Windows Internet Application for all Users that is Better than Internet Explorer.

Comment Re:How will the providers like this? (Score 1) 140

Thank you, just what I was thinking. Windows Phone did this kind of thing before and it worked great till the service providers had a cry and broke it all. Before your pictures from facebook and Onedrive and the local filesystem were all accessible under a hub, same with chat. Then facebook realised it was great and broke it not once but twice bringing it back down to the level of every other platform.

I wonder if they will throw a similar wrench in here or if they just broke out the tools to stuff it up for Windows Phone users like the douches they are.

Comment Only in a box (Score 3) 367

And that just relegated it to only ever being in a virtual machine, trapped in a cage where it belongs. Sorry MS, a key logger is a few steps too far even for a preview, sure monitor the hell out of it but a privacy destroying key logger is a few steps too far. It's a shame as it does look like a nice OS even caged.

Comment So can a $30 TV stick (Score 1) 112

DLNA is better as it is less bandwidth and power hungry and does not require as much hardware at each end. I use the Windows 7 DLNA from my pc to my Samsung TV and my networked home theatre all the time just fine. It just won't play MKV through it. The Windows 8 one on the other hand sucks as they have yanked a bunch of the compatibility. Miracast does solve a problem of sending your actual screen contents but the two are not really the same thing, they can be used as the same thing but really one is for passing out media files where you can still use the device, the other is casting the screen to a bigger screen which can be handy but in many cases just means you should have been using a different device to start with.

Comment Re:FaceTime (Score 1) 194

Right... cause everyone HAS to hold an iPad to use it. Cause iPads can't be plugged in like TVs. Cause iPads can't integrate into a sound system. Cause Alzheimers patients far enough along to require assisted living will remember how to undo any channel changes or plug cords that get pulled.

Wait so your solution to the simple wireless ipad - better because it does not need cords plugged in - is to plug cords and devices into it making it way more complicated. Have you heard yourself. A smartTV is also soooo complex, with the single power lead, the built in wifi and camera on some models. It is all of two button presses on the remote to get to Skype and it is not like there are not nurses about that would be helping anyway. Add to that, the latest gen ones take voice and gesture input so a nurse would not even need the remote if they did not want to.

Put the thing on a trolley or mounted in a room or the lounge and you're sorted. You can even get wireless keyboards if you really want to type in the Skype names even though that would be unnecessary.

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