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Operating Systems

Submission + - A Newbie-Friendly Guide to Switching to Linux

notthatwillsmith writes: I just posted Maximum PC's June cover story, a practical feature explaining exactly what a typical user needs to switch to Linux. I used Ubuntu Feisty as our example distro, but our instructions should work with most any Debian-based distro. While we did include the standard install walkthrough, we also spent a lot of space introducing the apps that people will need to handle common Windows tasks, like ripping CDs, editing and managing photos, and watching videos. Also, we've released the entire article under a Creative Commons license, so if you don't like our instructions, feel free to rewrite them and re-release them yourself!

Submission + - Finance, Mobile Synchronization

Nicole Meissner writes: "Synchronica plc (AIM: SYNC), an international provider of mobile synchronization and device management solutions, has raised US $7.0 (£3.5) million in funds through a placing of new ordinary shares which will be used to accelerate growth in Synchronica's core business.The move strengthens Synchronica's hand at a time when the market for mobile email is set to explode. -raises-usd-7-million-in-funding-through-placement -of-shares.shtml"

Submission + - Latest MS updates reset default browser

An anonymous reader writes: I have installed the latest round of Microsoft critical updates ( to a couple of computers, and in both case the default browser was changed from Firefox to IE. That doesn't seem like a critical update...

Submission + - Inside Google's UK offices

An anonymous reader writes: has recently taken some pictures of the inside of Google's UK offices. What's particularly interesting about these photos, however, are Google's recycling bins and word that it is advising employees to ride bikes to work." Whether or not this is representative of the global company, it is good to see that Google UK isn't a purely commercial machine." Is Google really evil after all?
Sun Microsystems

Sun Surges Into Research, Virtual Worlds 56

An anonymous reader writes "Sun Microsystems appears to be shifting its focus back to research, after several years of promoting its commodity servers and Java software. Earlier this week, it talked about its new Andy Bechtolsheim-designed video server in the New York Times. Yesterday, it invited reporters in to preview its plans to develop faster switches, new programming languages, and 3-D virtual workplaces. Robert Sproull, director of Sun Labs, made clear that Sun has big ambitions. 'General purpose computers have to be rethought,' he said. Among the projects close to leaving the labs is Project Crossbow, an evolution of the networking stack in Solaris; Project Sedna, a next generation switch for storage-area networks; and MPK20, a virtual workspace built on top of Sun's Darkstar gaming server."

Feed Apple to iTunes partners: feel free to drop your DRM as well (

Filed under: Portable Audio

According to notices that Apple has been purportedly been sending around to its various content partners for the iTunes store, it doesn't seem like EMI will be alone in its newfound DRM-free status for long. "Many of you have reached out to iTunes to find out how you can make your songs available higher quality and DRM-free. Starting next month, iTunes will begin offering higher-quality, DRM-free music and DRM-free music videos to all customers." While not terribly clear, this seems to imply that anyone who wants to -- and we know plenty of indie labels have expressed interest -- can opt for high-bitrate and DRM-free versions of their content when iTunes launches the option next month. We would hope that labels would also have the option to ban DRM altogether, even on 99 cent songs, but it seems unlikely at this point.

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