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Comment Re:I'm yet to see improvements over Gnome 2 (Score 1) 396

Hey I'm running an ancient computer with an Intel 82845G (Celeron 2.4 that has to be at least 8 years old) and I'm stuck in the Gnome 3 fallback mode. Which was a bit of a shock after I updated my Debian box and all of sudden all of my panels were gone. I've been too busy and too lazy to look into alternatives, and I don't really mind what they are trying to do with Gnome 3, but Gnome 2 ran on my computer.

Comment Re:Why can't they just use Ctrl+C to copy? (Score 1) 936

Hmm interesting I did not know that they used Alt for old DOS programs, you could have a point with why Windows went with Ctrl+C, but why did Apple go with Co+C?

I seem to remember that back in the day old Apples used to use some combination of Shift+Insert (paste) and something else to copy (I forget which it was). So when did Apple switch? Or did they always support both?

Either way it's not a terribly big problem, but I'm sure it's frustrating to most people moving from Windows/Linux to OS X.

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