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Comment manufacturing in brooklyn (Score 5, Informative) 87

"condos and restaurants...Except for MakerBot Industries" know, aside from three operating breweries, and hundreds of machine shops that dot my neighborhood. Or the medical instruments manufacturers, or the concrete and cement factories, or the furniture companies...

Just because it's not electronics, doesn't mean there's no manufacturing. A simple google search shows at least hundreds of companies.

PS - you must not go outside the gentrified parts of Brooklyn because the majority of the borough is still non-condo and sparsely restauranted.

Comment Re:Then why isn't Half Life 2 Steamless? (Score 1) 466

How's that tinfoil hat feel on your head?

There are several ways to connect a windows machine to the Internet in a safe fashion. Run it through a firewall, turn off unneccessary services and use chrome or firefox.

Problem solved. I have several machines that all NAT through an old Linux box. Firewall blocks all incoming ports, allows ports 80, 443 and 22 out. one of those machines is a windows 7 box for playing games. It used to be xp. Ive had it an had it online for over 10 years now without a SINGLE infection ever.

You sound smart so just don't do dumb shit

Comment Re:How archaic (Score 1) 253

If you have flown in a commercial airliner in the last 10 years, it is extremely likely that the takeoff and landing was done by the onboard system, and not the pilots>

Actually that's just 100% inaccurate. Even in a CAT IIIc ILS approach the captain or the first pilot has to command the plane to land via the flight instrumentation (either the yoke or the side stick depending on your plane) -- all the auto-pilot and auto-throttle do is line the plane up to the centerline of the runway and control the appropriate thrust for the engines (which, usually during descent, is baseline thrust -- the plane is essentially gliding during part the approach).

And there is no FAA allowance for an automated take-off. Rotation MUST be commanded by a human operator.

Your description of auto-pilot is so inaccurate it hurts my brain. Have you ever seen a commercial airline autopilot?

Comment Sort of... (Score 1) 133

Only he thinks I'm logged into Facebook. But I don't have a Facebook account, so I can't be. And this is my work computer which gets locked when I leave my desk so no one else has logged in (plus I have an office door that I lock behind me).

*tin foil hat time*
I even have * and *fbcdn* blocked in AdBlockPlus though since I don't really want Facebook building a user-profile about me with all those nefarious "like" buttons it got chumps to place on none-facebook sites. They dont' need to know what articles I read on the NY Times and correlate to what articles I read on Wired cross-referenced with the articles I read on Slate.

So, really, this "sort of" works, but you can't rely on it.

Submission + - New DMCA exemptions cover jailbreaking your phone (

self assembled struc writes: The Library of Congress today released the next set of exemptions from the DMCA which include allowing you to modify your cell phone to allow it to access other carriers, allow people to break the copy protection on video games to investigate security issues, create a work around for a dongle which is no longer compatible with hardware or available, as well as limited reasons for copying parts of DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

Comment This doesn't solve fragmentation (Score 0) 211

This doesn't solve fragmentation at all. The problem is (from an app developer standpoint) is that there are too many variables in the android world to code an app once to run successfully across the ecosystem.

Say for example you've got an app that requires typing (an e-mail app).

You have to design a version for on-screen keyboards (because it'll use part of the screen real estate) separately from a version that uses a hardware keyboard. They don't need to be separate apps, but you need to design (visually at least) for both scenarios, or you end up locking out a good portion of the people who use android devices.

This design (and resultant porting) is exactly what killed the feature phone app market. Developers spent too long making ports of an app for the Sony w810, w900 LG VX9600, Motorola RAZR because each one implemented things JUST different enough, regardless of the JSR being implemented. Then you had to test each one fully.

Sure, there are 100,000+ android devices out there, but they're across a wide set of carriers and hardware, so in order to sell your app on all 100,000 of those phones you've got to tweak your app for each device.

Conversely, with the iPhone there's one hardware platform. One way to implement a keyboard. One way to call the Camera API (and if there's no camera, the app doesn't need to do anything different). This makes an app developers life MUCH easier since they only need to design and write ONE app to reach all 2+ million handsets out there, Apple's draconian and confusing app store submission policies not withstanding.

So fragmentation will ALWAYS be an android issue until they say "here is our reference hardware platform(s) -- you must use of these three sets of features when building hardware." Coincidentally this is exactly what MS is doing with Windows Phone 7 -- three hardware platforms, that's it. You still have to design your app three times, but at least you know that if you design for one hardware platform, ANY device within that platform by ANY manufacturer on ANY carrier will have the same exact limitations and abilities.

Comment Re:Youtube (Score 5, Informative) 325

using the youtube flash player?

html5 != no flash

html5 is just a version of html which supports a video tag just like an image tag. it also supports the object tag. which means flash works in html5.

the only case where flash isn't going to work is where the operating system or browser does not have a flash plug in.

safari only supports h.264 in the html5 video tag as well. yet, youtube works just fine in it.

mozilla only supports ogg in the html5 video tag. yet, youtube works just fine in it.

Comment /me too (Score 2, Interesting) 139

happened to me on sunday. and six other friends. 25 people i know since sunday have gotten hit as well.

obnoxiously there's no way to report the incident to google. all the help stuff is self-serve and the "send feedback" link is a closed beta.

i had a 28 character password of numbers, letters (upper and lower case) and punctuation that I only used for gmail, so it's highly doubtful they were able to guess at that.

somehow i feel like this is linked to the theft of their security software

Comment Re:This isn't 1999. (Score 2, Informative) 709

unless you're in a western country where there are laws specifically prohibiting this type of firing.

at the larger corporations i've worked at (read: the ones with deeper pockets), firing someone is about a 2-3 month ordeal even if it's an termination required offense (with the exception of breaking the law -- stealing, assault, etc). you have to have a written warning, followed by a 30 day period of being "on watch" followed by a final review. THEN an extra month while the legal team gathers and documents everything.


Lawsuits. Wrongful termination lawsuits, unless you as the company, can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the person was unable to perform the job you hired them for (working weekends, especially if you can't prove that overtime was mentioned and being payed when the person was hired), the person you filed will win the lawsuit. Then you're a) out of a bunch of money and b) have to offer them their job with the same benefits and position as before. And you'd better be damn well sure about it next time you try to fire them.


Less Than Free 330

VC Bill Gurley has up an insightful piece on the strategy behind Google's releasing turn-by-turn mapping for free. He calls it the "Less Than Free" business model, and it is beyond disruptive. On the day that Google announced its new service, the stock in the two companies that had controlled the market for map data, Garmin and TomTom, dropped by 16% and 21%, respectively. (Those companies had bought Google's erstwhile map-data suppliers, Tele Atlas and NavTeq, in 2007.) "When I asked a mobile industry veteran why carriers were so willing to dance with Google, a company they once feared, he suggested that Google was the 'lesser of two evils.' With Blackberry and iPhone grabbing more and more subs, the carriers were losing control of the customer UI... With Android, carriers could re-claim their customer 'deck.' Additionally, because Google has created an open source version of Android, carriers believe they have an 'out' if they part ways with Google in the future. I then asked my friend, 'So why would they ever use the Google (non open source) license version?' ... Here was the big punch line — because Google will give you ad splits on search if you use that version! That's right; Google will pay you to use their mobile OS. I like to call this the 'less than free' business model. This is a remarkable card to play. Because of its dominance in search, Google has ad rates that blow away the competition. To compete at an equally 'less than free' price point, Symbian or Windows Mobile would need to subsidize." Gurley speculates that the company may broaden "less than free" to include the Google Chrome OS.

Comment Re:That's not an excuse (Score 1) 570

no, but when apple ported quicktime over they also moved a significant amount of support code to have quicktime build correctly. this support code (libraries, etc) is also used by itunes and safari.

remember yellow box from NeXT? Ran on Windows, as well as other unixes? Quicktime is just that lingering yellow box code that enables other mac software to be easily built for windows.

Sure they could re-write from scratch, but why bother?

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