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Submission + - Bash running natively on Windows? (

selectspec writes: Microsoft recently demonstrated a bash shell running natively on Windows (without using cygwin). Article isn't clear, but it sounds like some sort of shim layer that can interpret and execute Ubuntu built binaries on Windows.

Comment Re:timestamps (Score 1) 228

This problem has been solved in TOF laser range finders, like the hand held ones used on golf courses. An expander chip takes the incoming analog signal and stretches it out a million times with considerable precision. The signal can then be analyzed by standard low cost and low power processors.

The challenge here is that instead of a reflecting laser, you have the call/process/response in the equation. That process time will be orders of magnitude larger than the signal traversal. So, you'd have to have very accurate and standard processing times.

Comment timestamps (Score 2) 228


(Assuming the key/car are using private/public key pairs)

You'd have to put a reasonably accurate clock in the key, and then have it encrypt and send timestamps to the vehicle using a sequence of rapidly fired request messages followed by response messages.

The car could then decrypt the messages and compare the timestamps from the sequence of messages measuring the distance between the key and the car. The clock in the key would have to have similar accuracy to a laser ranger finder.

The actual protocol would be a bit more complicated in the details, but the basics outlined above are what is needed.

Comment Re:The Source? (Score 4, Informative) 175

The chromium open source tar ball will continue to be updated and support 32-bit x86 and ARM for at least the next 5 years.

The proprietary Chrome binaries which include features listed below will not longer be updated after March 2016:

- AAC, H.264, and MP3 Support
- Adobe Flash (PPAPI)
- Google Update

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