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Comment RHEL / CentOS / Fedora updates now available (Score 4, Informative) 303

Comment Re:Not the sun (Score 1) 320

Or there could be something else causing global warming, like a decline in the number of beanie babies for sale on eBay, and at the same time the real cause of global climate change occurred (less beanie babies for sale) CO2 levels also happened to rise. This is why you need controls and multiple experiments, or ways to control for other factors.

Comment To bad it's way less secure than chip and PIN (Score 3, Insightful) 222

To bad it's way less secure than chip and PIN. Mag stripes can be trivially copied and then used. In Canada a lot of the payment terminals are configured to not allow mag stripe usage if the card has a chip (I disabled the chip on one of my cards to see what happens, only place that would let me swipe is Home Depot, and even then the machine wouldn't accept it, they had to pull out an old physical ka-chunker machine and do it manually, haven't seen those in ages).

Comment This is why I'm an EasyDNS customer (Score 4, Insightful) 251

They have solid service, and not just the simple stuff, but the ugly bits as well (granted they did let a few porn/gambling sites go after a series of massive DDoS attacks, but they gave them time to move as I understand it, they didn't summarily boot them off). When picking a DNS registrar/provider make sure you pick one that won't just turn your DNS off if someone decides to send an angry email to the registrar.

Comment Wrong questions, management tools already do it (Score 1) 27

Disclaimer: I work for Red Hat on the Security Response Team and I'm one of the cloud guys so I'm biased (but I also work with OpenStack upstream). I'm also the CVE guy (plug: remember kids, get your CVEs early and life is better for everyone!

Adding support for this into OpenStack for AWS EC2 is really the wrong layer, this makes a lot more sense in the Orchestration layer. We already have a product that supports this: CloudForms, it can manage systems via OpenStack, RHEV, AWS EC2, etc. referred to as Open Hybrid Cloud/. Another aspect of this is that many customers already have significant investments in virtualization infrastructure, asking them to throw it all out for OpenStack (so all the software, training, backup software, etc.) won't always happen (although many are quite happy to add OpenStack to the mix).

Comment Re:SSDs are a fad (Score 4, Insightful) 261

This is true of any storage medium. Also what happens if you laptop gets lost or stolen? Catastrophic loss of data is always just around the corner, as such you need to be making backups, ideally off site in case your home/office/data center/whatever burns down/gets flooded/clobbered by a tornado/hurricane/whatever. Bad things happen to good data, so make copies!

Comment SSD (Score 3, Insightful) 261

SSD's are definitely the way to go for 99% of laptop users (unless you need more than say half a terabyte of space), SSD == lower power, no vibration/shock issues, and waaaay lower latency. I've been replacing all the drives in my laptops with SSDs for a few years now, I can't imagine going back to spinning rust. As for large file storage in laptops I bet a lot of users can get away with USB sticks now rather than HDs anyways. About the only place for spinning rust now is as a tape like storage medium where latency isn't an issue.

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