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Comment False alternative: store of value vs exchange (Score 1) 398

I just want to point out that a good cannot be store of value unless it is also a medium of exchange. Here's why. Suppose you have some coins (like gold coins, or bitcoins) that you hold as a store of value. The only reason why these coins are valuable to you is that you know (or believe) that someone will accept them if you want to sell them. If someone did not want to accept them (i.e. _exchange_ something for them), they would have no _value_ for you. In other words, they cannot be a store of _value_ unless they have _exchange_ value. The reasoning above applies to any good which does not have direct use value.

The Awful Anti-Pirate System That Will Probably Work 1027

spidweb writes "Much virtual ink has been spilled over Ubisoft's new, harsh DRM system for Assassin's Creed 2. You must have a constant internet connection, and, if your connection breaks, the game exits. While this has angered many (and justifiably so), most writers on the topic have made an error. They think that this system, like all DRM systems in the past, will be easily broken. This article explains why, as dreadful as the system is, it does have a chance of holding hackers off long enough for the game to make its money. As such it is, if nothing else, a fascinating experiment. From the article: 'Assassin's Creed 2 is different in a key way. Remember, all of its code for saving and loading games (a significant feature, I'm sure you would agree) is tied into logging into a distant server and sending data back and forth. This vital and complex bit of code has been written from the ground up to require having the saved games live on a machine far away, with said machine being programmed to accept, save, and return the game data. This is a far more difficult problem for a hacker to circumvent.'"

Submission + - Software Developer welcomes Piracy ( 2

eiapoce writes:

Tabbles got cracked again — a real crack this time (a dll was patched). I guess it's pretty uncommon to see a software developer blogging about his software begin cracked, but in reality the thing its quite cool ... seeing that someone out there cares and takes the time to crack it is quite cool...and feels rewarding. Plus, there are a bunch of case studies out there showing that the more the software gets cracked, the more cash flows in and even that easily crackable softwares win over hard-to-crack competitors.

More here


Mega Man 10 Confirmed For WiiWare 104

The upcoming issue of Nintendo Power revealed that Capcom is working on Mega Man 10 for a release via WiiWare sometime in the future. "Like Mega Man 9 (released for WiiWare in 2008), Mega Man 10 remains true to the series's roots with 8-bit-style graphics and sound, and tried-and-true Mega Man gameplay." According to the early look at Nintendo Power's article, the game may include an easier difficulty mode, likely inspired by complaints that the previous game was too hard. It also previews one of the new bosses, who is apparently called "Sheep Man." Make of that what you wool.

Will Tabbed Windows Be the Next Big Thing? 528

kai_hiwatari writes "The recently released KDE SC 4.4 Beta 1 has introduced tabbed windows as a new feature. It is now possible to tab together windows from different applications. This looks like it will be a very good productivity tool. Like the tabbed browsers, this may well end up as a feature in all desktop environments in the years ahead."

Comment Re:Question. Possible DRM-free anti-piracy techniq (Score 1) 734

Thanks for your comment Digital_Quartz.

For some games it might be possible to move substantial logic on the server. These may be: 1) games where there are no strict lag requirements (e.g. adventure games, puzzle games like Puzzle Pirates); 2) games where the needed bandwidth for each client is small and the client does some prediction and/or interpolation.

It is true that you have the additional cost of the server (which would need a lot of bandwidth _and_ computational power); but this cost might be more than compensated by the additional income due to less "piracy". (Or it might not.)

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