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Comment Not wah, wah, wah. I need a serious desktop OS (Score 1) 729

If you don't like Unity, you don't have to go to Linux Mint, or Debian, or Windows or a Mac.

KDE or XFCE are simple installs from inside Synaptic or the command-line. And unlike Unity and Gnome 3. They aren't filled with bugs. They actually work - and work well.

I've long been an Ubuntu user and fan. I'm terribly disappointed in this release. It's filled with bugs. And Unity is being forced as the user interface, instead of being offered as an option. Unity is a great tablet (or netbook) user interface. But I need a real desktop interface supporting multiple monitors with multiple virtual desktops. It appears Ubuntu is headed in a different direction. For now, I'll use Kubuntu (KDE). But if Canonical continues down this nonsensical path, I'll be finding another distro.

Comment Re:Multiple Monitors Killed it for Me (Score 1) 729

The multiple monitor issue was a killer for me. UNITY's panel of applications displayed right down the middle of the the desktop (the seam between the two monitors), making it the most stupid user-interface I've ever used. The arrangement was almost as nonsensical as moving it to the left side of the left monitor, where it required a huge motion with the mouse to initiate any action.

Great touchpad interface. Too bad that's not what I need. Hello KDE.

Comment I'm already gone (Score 1) 729

The quality of the 11.04 release was the poorest for any Ubuntu release I've ever seen.

Unity failed to work out of the box for me. On my dual screen monitor, the program icons displayed down the left side of the right-side screen - effectively in the middle of the display. There were no borders on any window, so windows couldn't be moved. The display was filled with glitches that appeared and disappeared intermittently. Compiz was broken. Emerald issued a segfault. Metacity provided some basic functionality - but barely.

I tried for about three hours to fix (via the Ubuntu forums and blogs) - and made some headway. Ultimately, Unity looked like a nice tablet interface. Probably a nice netbook interface.

But I'm a power user. I typically have four virtual desktops open with a large number of apps running. Unity's big icons and dumbed-down feature set is just the opposite of what I need.

I tried Gnome 3 on Ubuntu, following the PPA install instructions. I couldn't get it to boot (some ICEauthority issue). But it looks like Gnome 3 features a similarly dumbed-down interface as UNITY.

So, I've already moved to KDE (Kubuntu). It's a bit of a learning curve - but I'm willing to invest the time. It works the way I want to work.

Comment Re:MySQL (Score 1) 392

You know that we will be seeing an announcement soon assuring us the Oracle full embraces and supports Open Source and that its commitment to the MySQL is eternal.

Which is why they are focusing their support on the core features.

As a result some of the high-end features deployed by a only small contingent of MySQL users will no longer be supported.

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