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Comment Re:For Americans only? (Score 1) 198

Or, for those of us with self control, it means you need to buy something but Black Friday is just around the corner, so you hold off on that purchase until it goes on sale. Also, online shopping only. I would pay full price for everything rather than step foot in a store during the shopping season.

Comment Re:Passwords (Score 1) 241

That is the accepted security standard for passwords. Make employees write them on a slip of paper and lock it in their desk drawer. It solves the problem of people using easy to guess passwords or having to memorize complex passwords.

Comment Notes (Score 1) 241

It's still more convenient to use pen and paper/post it notes for many things. Carrying a tablet around and using the clumsy keyboard would be too annoying, plus paper and ink is cheap so it's okay if you lose a pen or drop some papers.

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