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Comment ...we don't have a separate ruling class... (Score 1) 473

small pond said this: "If the government thinks it's necessary to record my overseas phone calls me and touch my junk at airports in order to stop terrorism, then the natural conclusion is that the government needs to be equally open. It consists of the same kind of people as me, just as (un)likely to be terrorists. Therefore, I need to see what they are doing. No more secret meetings. No more closed negotiations. No more situations that I can't record what's happening to me. In a democracy we don't have a separate ruling class with different privileges." I say this: Get the friggin' 28th amendment put into place. Until we do, what smallpond said will never happen... there will always be closed doors, rooms of negotiation that are often against us, and a ruling class above us. Corrections to our society, when they are about the corruption in govt, MUST come from us at the lower levels, a grassroots movement. If you do not get moving and start talking this 28th about, it'll never happen, and we'll stay as we are, until they make it even worse. The 28th amendment is or best hope! jmho

Comment so the cops get there first, then what? (Score 1) 377

If the system works and the cops are there hiding in the bushes where they expect a crime to occur, will they stop the crime from occurring or let it happen so they can make the bust? If the latter, what happens when someone gets killed as a result of the cops ALLOWing the crime to occur? Also, doesn't that make them accomplices? Of course, if the former, does the perp get convicted of the next drain on our Constitution: thinking about committing a crime. Just wondering, 'sall

Comment leaving the internet. g'bye. (Score 1) 462

Let's not be so absurd. When shit hits the fan here, the internet is gone anyhow, right? Just like what do you do to prepare for bank closures and you need some cash in hand. How do you prepare for that? Being prepared with your life vs internet is the same thing. If it blinks out this afternoon, what exactly would you do? Get a grip, think about it and start doing it now while you can. Besides that, maybe one day the isps/gbmt etc will piss us off enough to tell them to go fuckagoose. When it happens and everyone leaves comcast, att etc, hoping to influence their control over us, what will we do without our daily fix of Soma?. If we can't decide what to do with out our beloved www, how we gonna challenge them? If we can't drop a day or two here and there, how would we survive a major gbmt attack on us? Puleeze don't say it couldn't happen..

Comment sony's minidisc isn't gone ... yet! (Score 1) 191

Maybe 10 years ago, wallyworld closed them out and I bought a handful of them for 50.00 us each. Then I picked up whatever discs I could and have been using them ever since. I don't usually use the full hi-md ability since I bought mostly the cheaper discs, but for the most part, I get hours of play off my mp3 downloads while I cut the grass, paint the house, whatever. I can't remember ever having a single failure with them. Not many things I have still work after 10 years of banging around like these guys. Ya, 1.5v AA batteries seem to last forever. I have seen many other data logging uses for them as well, and some folks even record bird calls in the field with them. We'll see how my Zune hd holds up as comparison. As for drm stuff, maybe the files I listen to aren't protected, but I have not had a problem dl from disc to my pc to edit the pile or re-copy to a different disc.

Comment Re:this is not idle. (Score 1) 291

how do little kids sing a song? do they memorize it first? don't they have to read it from sheet music in order to memorize or sing it? I suppose if the kids are driving down sales of the commercial distribution of 'little mary had a lamb...' by going into the record publishing business and making a million dollars for each child, well then I might could understand the concern.

Comment Tell on the govt or not?? (Score 1) 696

I just read wiki about pentagon papers, and this one statement stands above all the rest, and I sure agree with it. So many here have said so much, but our opinion is trumped by the opinion of a chief justice, right? " Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell. —Justice Black[16] "

Comment Re:Hypocrites (Score 1) 696

"We only need to know when when there is malfeasance that is being kept secret." and do you really expect them to stand up and say to you " Ahem, we have an announcement to make... We just fucked over the president of one of our greatest allies, and by the way, we also just planted cameras and microphones at the lady's ymca because it is a known haven for islamic terrorists."

Comment Re:Hypocrites (Score 1) 696

"These blanket proclamations that "the government[] has no right of privacy, and in fact should be at all times closely watched" are signs that someone hasn't thought about***** how little the government would be able to do**** if there were that much transparency." And what exactly is wrong with severely cutting back on what our govt is doing? It's not like the results thereof have made this country (or the world?) a better place to live, lately.

Comment Re:Hypocrites (Score 1) 696

"Because a government is supposed to serve "the people". That's why. The government is not a person and not a corporation, it has no right of privacy, and in fact should be at all times closely watched to make sure it's doing what it's supposed to. When it starts being too secretive, that's a sure sign that something fishy is going on." how can anyone disagree with this? Until our govt proves itself, beyond the shadow of a doubt, to be working for the citizens as it should, then it has every reason to be watched constantly. Like they always say to us, 'If you aren't doing anything wrong, why would you mind?'

Comment Re:Python vs. BASIC (Score 1) 709

"Trying to squeeze a new instruction between line 11 and line 12 kinda sucked sometimes." I never wrote a basic program line-numbered by 1's, and you see the reason why. I used 10's and 100's, depending on the complexity. I found basic to be structured, like math. Learn a few simple rules and you can begin. Add more rules and go further. You didn't need to learn more rules than necessary for the job at hand. Basic's simplicity allowed me to focus on problem solving in a step by step approach, and in doing so, learned much about general problem solving.

Comment Re:It all comes down to one question. (Score 1) 705

re: In theory, sure. In practice, nah, not really. They don't answer to anyone because there is not a significant enough chunk of folk that give a damn anymore. I don't think it's about not enough people careing. We do care. (maybe we don't all care about the same thing...?) Unfortunately we have human sociological traits that are known, and are being exploited by the govt and the corporation. To fix things, ya gotta eliminate the causality behind what drives THEM. Enact the 28th amendment, remove the special status the folks in govt enjoy, and things will turn around in the country, real fast.

Comment read the 'fine' print first (Score 1) 853

Glenn Beck said the nn ruling will require him and his kind to provide time for opposing views on all his broadcasts, (making the broadcasts 'neutral'), which seems like a bad thing. Others have said the nn rule will prevent folks like comecaste from throttling my internet speed if they see me watching a movie streamed from their competitor, netflixt, which seems like a good thing. Both ideas are contradictory to each other; one favors the big corporations, the other favors people's rights. Many of the posts above this one also seem to bounce off the walls about what nn actually says. When will some de-facto intelligencia put into words exactly what the new network neutrality act says? Surely everyone here who has voiced an opinion should be able to enlighten the rest of us?

Comment Re:One of Our Cancers ScrewMaster (602015) (Score 1) 529

That speil you gave was such a line of bullshit! The value of the things you mentioned that 'ought' to be, is no more than the actual, real consequences of violating those trusts you ramble on about. In this blessed country of ours (USA), NOBODY above the rank of civilian ever has to face any consequences for their actions against the Constitution, against the Republic, or against us, the citizenry. One day we the people will stand up for ourselves and put a stop to Washington's crap. Until we do, we will be the servants and they will be our rulers. To stop it we first need to bring Washington back down to the level of civil servants... create the 28th amendment. After that, repeal nearly everything they have done FOR themselves and TO us during the past 50 years, and maybe we'll call it a new beginning. Until then, your rhetoric only serves to rub salt into the gaping wound from which all Americans are currently bleeding out.

Comment terrorism? (Score 1) 305

Wikipedia says 'terrorism' is defined by violence. Yet the 'threat' of terrorism has a similar, if not identical, effect on those aware of, but not directly involved with the violence. For example, raising the national threat level to maximum would certainly upset many or most of us, even without the existence of actual violence. So in practice, violence is not entirely necessary to disrupt a society. Maybe we need to re-define 'terrorism'??? Look how many /.'ers are 'upset' by this post... is this the tip of the cyber-terrorism iceberg? Another thought is this... what if an act of violence is perpetrated against a city, say New York. This act could be construed as 'terrorism'. But would it be only terrorism to those directly involved in the city, or would the folks in L.A. also be under the influence of 'terrorism'? My point being that the effects of terrorism are felt by those not directly involved with the violence, so maybe terrorism ought to be re-defined to include any non-violent action that has the same effect on a society as a violent action.

Comment more input needed... (Score 1) 212

First, isn't NASA funded by American tax dollars? Then why is the first release of the film being done in Australia, not USA? Second, "The magnetic data tapes seem to have all been lost — erased — by NASA, so all that's left are VHS recordings," ... does this imply that vhs recordings aren't magnetic data tapes?

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