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Comment Re:Temperature (Score 1) 633

I think the real question is:
      Do you give a shit that the earth /IS/ becoming warmer?

If so, take any and all actions to stop it. Don't wait for catastrophic disasters. Until then, run with the science we HAVE. Ignore who may be financially impacted by a change to not make our lives MISERABLE AS A SPECIES, at best.

Then again, most of the asshats here don't give a shit. I hope most of you die in the heat.

Comment Re:Instant Karma... (Score 1) 757

"It spreads without the knowledge of the computer owner"... uhm, no it doesn't.

It does not install itself on any other machine. And "without the knowledge of the computer owner" does not define a virus. A virus attaches itself to executables, or spreads to machines by other means without user intervention. Typing in your admin password at installation is user intervention.

A Trojan is something you download thinking it's one thing, and it contains something else. (Look up the "Trojan Horse" sometime, it's where the name comes from.) If the user installs this on 50 machines, it's still not a virus. Perhaps that user is...

Comment Re:Tips for Running non-Admin (Score 1) 757

As one would say of Linux:

"ZOMG, my grandmother can never use that crap! So confusing and ARCANE! Windows will never fly as a mainstream OS!"

And it's true, not as a secure mainstream OS, it never will. So instead, nanna is gonna run as administrator.

Actually, linux is a lot easier if your grammy's name is "Ruby Oot"... so you don't need to explain the login name she uses.

Comment Re:Instant Karma... (Score 1) 757


No... they are less exploitable remotely. That doesn't mean you can't write bad software that will hurt them and convince idiots to download and install it by tossing it on the interwebs.

The difference here, as compared to that Cornflicker (or whatever the crap it is), is that people had to actually DO something other then BE IN THE NET to get this installed on their systems. (they downloaded illegal copies of software, executed them, and likely type in their admin password).

No system in the world can secure you from your own stupidity.

Comment Report them! (Score 1) 958

Ok, well not at first... Bring it up to management. If they force you to install pirated software, report them to the authorities. There's federal laws against retaliation for whistle blowing. Once they force you to perform illegal actions, it's your duty as a citizen to report them. Assuming they do force you to install pirated software... once reported, you'll never really need to "work" any more as any "firing" could result in a retaliation lawsuit by you. Enjoy your full-time WOW job. (Note, this is mostly sarcasm...)

Submission + - World's First Solar Cell Phone On Sale (

Anonymous Coward writes: "HiTech Wealth telecommunications has just begun selling the S116 exclusively in China. A 1.3 mpx camera, and an MP3 player are fairly standard additions to cell phones these days, but the solar panels do make this guy stand out.

The panels trickle-charge the battery in any amount of light, including indoors (or even by candlelight), and the battery life is up to 2.5 times longer than it would without the panels. An hour of direct sunlight will give users 40 extra minutes of talk time."

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