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Comment Re:Actually it does work that way... (Score 1) 217

You can't reasonably an industry that has a steady stream of these stories:

Big pharma list of priorities:

1. Profit
2. Ease suffering, eliminate disease and make the world a better place as long as it doesn't effect #1 too significantly.

Comment Re:What about the towers? (Score 1) 150

Thanks for the response. I have searched a bit but there are some variables I have not seen quantified in comparison studies. For example, some towers have more or less antenna and/or more power as well as the fact your phone is 2 inches from your head when on a call. The tower is on 100% of the time. Is the differences in exposure over time due to distance so great that these don't factor in at any significant amount?

Comment Re:Really? Really? (Score 1) 277

While you make a good point -

"In October and November 2007, Raven was one of ten mentalist contestants on the primetime NBC series Phenomenon, which was hosted by Tim Vincent and judged by Criss Angel and Uri Geller.[2] He finished as runner-up on the series, after performing dangerous demonstrations of mentalism involving razor blades, snakes, scorpions, and nail guns.[3]

A demonstration with Holly Madison went wrong when Raven was bitten by a snake on live TV[4] and had to have his hand bandaged, but decided to continue.

During rehearsals for another demonstration Raven was injured which resulted in multiple ruptured disks in his back. He used a wheelchair for a period and a cane for a period thereafter. He has commented that he will reattempt this demonstration [5]"

This guy seems to have some "issues" with his "hobby" that I would consider fair game to discuss when he is put in such an important position of a leading tech company.

Comment It wouldn't be 100% effective - John Stapp (Score 2) 409

"John Stapp was subjected to 15 g for 0.6 second and a peak of 22 g during a 19 March 1954 rocket sled test. He would eventually survive a peak of more than 46 g, with more than 25 g for 1.1 sec.[6]

While Mr. Stapp's tests were short, the coaster doesn't appear to sustain the high level of g's necessary either.

Comment Deletionists are the problem (Score 1) 533

It's not everybody getting married, it's the admins hypocritically deleting notable, sourced articles and edits while endorsing much less notable articles and edits.

And after reviewing other comments here, it seems the slashdot crowd has a majority consensus on this. It's why I quit and the only other editor I know in real life has quit. The conclusion we came to is why bother wasting our time?

Submission + - IFP under scrunity by Swiss Government (

hyanakin writes: The Swiss Competition Commission (WEKO) has opened investigation against the IFPI. According to the press release of the WEKO there are strong indication that the IFPI hinder parallel imports of (cheaper foreign) CDs. Furthermore the IFPI is suspected to manipulate Swiss Music Charts.

Submission + - Women Can't Drive in Saudi Arabia (

An anonymous reader writes: In recent times, the Middle East region has been in the news pretty regularly, but perhaps, no reason for making the headlines has been as bizarre as this one: A woman was arrested because she decided to drive a car on the streets of Saudi Arabia, and then posted a video of herself driving.

Submission + - BioShock Movie 'Definitely In The Conversation' (

donniebaseball23 writes: BioShock is one of gaming's more unique franchises, and while designer Ken Levine is working hard on BioShock Infinite, he tells IndustryGamers that he's also continuing to have conversations about bringing the IP to Hollywood. "It’s a moving puzzle, but I’m going to be continually talking to people about it. It’s definitely something that’s still in the conversation," Levine said. The previous BioShock movie stalled due to budget problems and the departure of director Gore Verbinski.

DHS Seized Domains Based On Bad Evidence 235

An anonymous reader writes "Back over Thanksgiving, the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement unit (ICE) made a lot of news by seizing over 80 domain names. While many of these involved sites that sold counterfeit products, five of the domains involved copyright issues. Four of them involved hiphop-related blogs — including ones that hiphop stars like Kanye West and others used to promote their own works, and the last one was a meta search engine that simply aggregated other search engines. Weeks went by without the owners of those sites even being told why their domains were seized, but the affidavit for the seizure of those five sites has recently come out, and it's full of all sorts of problems. Not only was it put together by a recent college graduate, who claimed that merely linking to news and blog posts about file sharing constituted evidence of copyright infringement, it listed as evidence of infringement songs that labels specifically sent these blogs to promote. Also, what becomes clear is that the MPAA was instrumental in 'guiding' ICE's rookie agent in going after these sites, as that appeared to be the only outside expertise relied on in determining if these sites should be seized."
Open Source

Best Open Source Genealogy Software? 292

An anonymous reader writes "I'm looking to build a family tree for a holiday gift. Do the Slashdotters of the world have any recommendations on open source genealogy software? I did try a 14-day free trial of What a scam! I submitted the personal information for my parents, grandparents, and me. Then, I received a pop-up telling me that if I would like to get information on my family, I would have to upgrade my subscription for $29.95 US. So, I took the chance. Turns out that the only information they had was my previous addresses for the past 20 years." The venerable GRAMPS is still actively developed, and its site lists several other possibilities, too. Any favorites, or anti-favorites, out there?

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