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Comment Re:Concerning... (Score 1) 189

Why would a cochlear implant ever be considered as barbaric as medieval blood letting? The implants aren't perfect, but they provide a huge increase in the quality of life for a large number of patients. A potential better solution that's decades down the line doesn't make a currently effective treatment barbaric...

Comment Re:Less is sometimes more (Score 1) 255

I'm fairly certain (and I just checked wiki for what that's worth) that he didn't go to college at all. He just started programming when he was very young and he seems to be a really smart guy. Minecraft is definitely a resource hog, but the performance gets better with just about every release for me. So, that's a great sign since performance is getting better at the same time that more features are being added. To everyone that says the code is crap, write your own well-programmed game that millions of people want to play. I'd rather have a good implementation of a great idea than a great implementation of a good idea...

Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 306

Being ignorant of technology doesn't make a person stupid. Some people just don't care about how gadgets work. I know it's hard for geeks like us to relate, but many smart people don't give a shit about the differences between Atom and A4 processors (and yes, I realize the A4 is based on the Atom).

Comment Re:if he's so concerned (Score 1) 949

This is also addressed in the article and I disagree with the guy that wrote it. He basically says it's the cost of doing business and that the B&M stores have to keep up with all the laws. I think that argument is crap because the B&M stores have real people working each location, and some manager is responsible for setting the tax rates in the POS software. It would be ridiculous for Amazon to have to keep up with every single special purpose district in the freaking country.

Comment Re:Shysters all (Score 2) 355

Sure you can. You just have to play an average of 3 or 4 nights a week, every week. You also have to be really, really good and really, really flexible. You have to be literate as a musician, though many people refuse to be. Reading and writing music is absolutely necessary if you want to make a living unless you're extremely lucky. It also helps to live in a metro area of at least 500,000 or so. You need to be good enough that you get called when any show is coming through your town and they need local musicians. You'll probably need to be in a great cover band that has a consistent Wednesday or Thursday night gig at a popular bar. If you or someone in your "main" band is a great songwriter, you might even make a few bucks playing original music. You're going to have to be in several groups and generally refuse to play for free unless it's something you're just dying to do.

Basically, a musician can make a living, they just have to work their ass off to do it and won't always be playing the music they love, just like any other job.

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