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Comment Re:Punish the serf class. (Score 1) 238

Well, I'm not a Brit, and at least since Blair I'd rather just avoiding the UK altogether. After the latest concessions, you were really in it in name only, probably not much will really change for either side.

As for a central bank dictating policy... no, the ECB had no mandate to cut financing to Greek banks, at the very least.

Comment Re:Proof the EU is Working (Score 1) 496

If Spain wasn't in the EU, their clever youth would still leave the country for a better career abroad - but Spain wouldn't get anything back.

Except that that would have their own coin and wouldn't be forced to adopt stupid destructive economic policies that never worked at any time in any country - not that that stops corrupt sociopaths like Blair and Rajoy, I suppose.

Comment Re:Works fine (Score 1) 341

Yeah, not going to agree with your new comment. At all.

But it wasn't a dig at you, it was at who you were replying to: " try passing an actual function as a parameter in a strongly typed language. Or get a function back as a return value. Better yet, get back a runtime specialized function as a return value." are perfectly normal things to do in haskell or scala, which are definitely strongly typed.

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