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Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 205

That's because you apply the same argument that is usually applied by politicians and lawyers, that only the very important people are knowledgeable and wise enough to have a say and the rabble should eat cake. There are a lot of obviously braindead decisions that are never going to work.
Or maybe's that's us reading too much into it.

Comment Re:I'd probably fire every CEO I've ever worked un (Score 1) 205

[psychopaths] will dispassionately make the hard decisions for the good of the organization

By definition, they will make decisions that aren't hard for them for the good of themselves.

You might have them confused with sociopaths, but either way, not caring about others in the company quickly spreads downwards and there goes productivity when everyone starts just caring about how important they look.

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Bí go maith, a mhuirnín.

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