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Comment I can help you with determination (Score 2, Informative) 250

I'm an undergrad student of Chemistry and I live in a karstic region, so I might help you a bit. First it would be cool if you would measure the density of the potential meteorite (displacement of water + mass, measure first mass) and also it would be nice if we could determine for example the amount of iron in it This can be done with common household chemicals (HCl, NaOH both common available accross the globe). Iron is not so rare in such karstic landscapes (if that crater is in one), but afaik is usually not in an elemental form. You used a metal detector so you've probably found a metallic element. That's also judging from a second photo from comments, where we can see the shiny metallic lustter. Also you could maybe give me your email or something ;)

Comment Talking from succesful experience... (Score 1) 403

A friend traveled to PRC about 6 months ago. You have to use an outside DNS server, preferably over SSL and an outside proxy over SSL. I was giving him the DNS records over IRC (or MSN), so that he entered them manually in the local lookup table and then he routed all the traffic over a proxy I've set which was SSL only. I must stress that if you just make one single request without SSL over an outside proxy, the IP of the proxy gets banned. Also sites (e.g. Facebook) aren't resolved by local DNS servers IIRC, plus the IPs of these sites are blocked. Funny thing is that IRC (or MSN, i don't remember exactly) worked normally. :)

Comment Re:Random question about light: (Score 1) 153

The battery can produce photons as a single photon doesn't have much of energy: around 1 eV which is 1.602*10^-19 J. One battery has around 1.5 V and 1000 mAh, that would be 1,5 Wh or 5,4 kJ. A single AAA battery can generate 3,37*10^22 photons with 1 eV (implying 100% efficiency). E = mc^2 = h. being frequency, h being planck's constant, c being the speed of light, m being mass and E for energy. Moving photons do have a (virtual?) mass as in they are affected by gravity and they do affect others with their own gravity, albeit very weak one. They don't have any rest mass, which is mass at rest.

Comment How to beat the Chinese FW (Score 4, Interesting) 125

A friend has recently been to China, that is PRC. IRC worked normally, although he couldn't access facebook. So I've set up a normal HTTP proxy which was blocked immediately after the first page shown ( IIRC it didn't even resolve, we've had to put IPs in... but still my point is: they analyze the packets and they've seen the CONNECT in HTTP headers as it worked only on once request. After that I've set an another proxy (on an another IP), this time HTTPS. That worked, although you must route DNS requests somehow outside China or have a local nslookup table ;)

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