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Comment Jury Nullification (Score 1) 388

Jury nullification is a de facto power of juries. Judges rarely inform juries of their nullification power. The power of jury nullification derives from an inherent quality of most modern common law systems—a general unwillingness to inquire into jurors' motivations during or after deliberations. A jury's ability to nullify the law is further supported by two common law precedents: the prohibition on punishing jury members for their verdict, and the prohibition (in some countries) on retrying defendants after an acquittal (see related topics res judicata and double jeopardy).

We, the people, have the ability, and the duty, to make a change in courtrooms as well as with our legislators. Unfortunately, most of the people are unaware of their power as jurors.

Comment Re:Software engineer vs. computer programmer? (Score 1) 337

Obviously you haven't read the link you posted. Licensing is only needed to carry out a few specific functions, but you do not have to have a license to call yourself an engineer. I have also dealt with 'electrical engineers' in my daily work who do not even have engineering degrees.

Comment Re:Google Wave not dead yet (Score 1) 123

True, Wave the project is still alive and well, but Wave the service hosted by Google is soon to be dead. I am interested in seeing how others deploy and use this technology. We tested it for a short time at work, but we could not refrain from drawing inappropriate sketches, collaboratively, for very long.

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